Complaint Letter Format to District Collector in English

Complaint letter format to district collector in English

Complaint letter format to district collector in English-I provides here to sample complaints and the format of letters in English.  Here you learn, How to write complaint letters to the District Collector about the Lack of facilities of Govt. Hospital, Increase Malaria cases, and bus fare, etc.

You learn here some sample complaint letter format to the District Collector Municipal Commissioner, Superintendent of police, SDM and [or any VIP — Very Important Person] requesting him to …How do I write a complaint to the district collector and any other related person?  You can send a complaint to the District Collector. Before writing a Formal Letter — If You write a letter to the District Collector, then explaining the complaint in detail of Address, and mention the details of to District Collector Office.

complaint letter format to district collector in english
Complaint Letter


 You are Mayank residing at 198 Vigyan Nagar  Indore. Write Complaint Letter Format to District Collector About the lake of facilities and malfunctioning of Govt. of Your Area.


The Collector
Collectorate Office
Indore (M.P)

Subject: Complaint letter to the district collectors lack facilities and malfunctioning of Govt. Hospital.

Most Respectfully I have to state that I am a resident of 198, Vigyan Nagar Indore. The Govt. Hospital in our area is not having basic diagnosis facilities. The hospital does not have the facility of Ultra –Sound. If there are available Some facilities, they are not being provided properly & timely. There is no off. Medicine distribution. There is water cooler Rose available in the hospital without Water. Doctors have no timetable at all.

The medical staff does not co-operate Properly. I request you to take strict action and arrange an ultra-Sound machine for  The patient relief. Please have a surprise visit and see yourself the mismanagement of the Hospital. Please do the needful for the betterment of the patients.
Thanking you Sir,
Yours faithfully,
198, Vigyan Nagar, Indore

 Write a complaint letter to the Collector of your district about e lack of facilities and malfunctioning of the government hospital in your area. Your application should look somewhat like this:

34, Residency Area,
Indore ‘
8th January, 20 …..

The Distt. Collector.


  • Subject: Complaint Letter for Malfunctioning of the Govt. Hospital, Indore. 

I would like to draw your attention to the lack of facilities and malfunctioning of the Govt. hospital and request you ‘to take necessary action’ so that people may get proper medical facilities.

lt lacks both doctors and nurses. The rooms are not cleaned properly. No facility of Sonography or X-ray is provided, to the patient. Necessary medicines are not available. The patients and attendants have to run here and there for tea, food, etc. I shall be greatly obliged if you could look into the matter. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours Sincerely

70, Alwar Marg, ‘
Rajdhani Nivas,
Bhopal, ‘ Feb. 20th 20 ……

‚To, _
The Health Officer
Head office Bhopal.

  •  Sub- Complaint Letter Health officer for unhygienic conditions of my locality 

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the unhygienic conditions of my locality in which we residents are forced to live, it would be good enough on your part to come and survey the area and peep into our grievances and take some remedial step. The area where I reside is the most unhealthy street of the area, here a large number of cattle are tied as a result it is not only difficult to pass but also a breeding place of mosque’ toes and flies..

The resident of some of the blocks too have a very unhygienic habit they throw the household rubbish all about the street, knowing well that no sweeper ever visits this area. If the authorities do not take any immediate step, some terrible epidemic will likely attack this colony. I, therefore, appeal to you to take immediate measures and remove our grievances. ‘ Hoping for the best.

Yours faithfully,

Munshi Ram.

 You are Ramesh living m 12, Ram Nagar Gwalior. WriteComplaint Letter Format to District Collector or MuniciPal Commissioner complaining about the large num her of Malaria cases in your area.


12 Ram Nagar
20 September, 20 ….. .

To, ‘
Municipal Commissioner,

  • Sub- Complaint Letter for,  Malaria has been raging in the area since the last fortnight

Dear Sir,
I regret to bring to your notice that Malaria has been raging in the area since the last fortnight. So far about fifteen lives have been claimed for ill. The fury of this disease is on the rise and has made people panicky. People are greatly terrified. Since this area falls within your jurisdiction.

I request you to please use your influence on the health department to take immediate steps to check any further increase of th1s disease. It would be good If some programs could be initiated including the distribution of anti-malaria pills.

Yours faithfully,


Complaint letter format to district collector in English

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