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Academic Guess special English guess paper Class 12th English Medium


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Q.1. Which are the two kinds of people referred to in the verse ?
Q.2. Who are the Asvins ?
Q.3. How does the speaker wish to achieve concord ?
Q.4. Why does the speaker invoke the gods Asvins ?
Q.5. Why does the speaker not want battle cry to be raised ?

                  (The Diamond Necklace)

Q.6. How did Mathilde fare at the ball ?
Q.7. How would you rate Mathilde as an ambitious woman or an honest
woman ? Justify your answer.
Q.8. How did Mathilde and loisel repay the cost of diamond necklace.
Q.9. On receiving the invitation to the ball, Mathilde wept. Why ?
Q.10. Why did Mathilde wear plain dress ?
Q.11. What things did Mathilde resent in her life ?
Q.12. What kind of husband was loisel ?

           (Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S.)

Q.13. What qualities of Miss Pushpa T.S. are evident from the speaker's
address ?
Q.14. Give the central idea of the poem ?
Q.15. What was miss pushpa T.S. Popular with ?

                 (Dream Children : A Reverie)

Q.16. What sort of person was John Lamp ?
Q.17. Write a character sketch of Lamb's grandmother.
Q.18. What are the similarities between Alice, the mother and Alice, the
daughter ?
Q.19. Justify the title of the essay, "Dream children : A Reverie."

                   (Our Casuarina Tree)

Q.20. How does the giant tree wear the scarf ?
Q.21. What does the poetess see when she opens her window in winter-morn ?
Q.22. How does the poetess bless the tree ?
Q.23. How does the poetess compare the creeper to a huge python ? What
characteristic of the tree has been highlighted by it ?
Q.24. for what reasons is the Casuarina tree dear to the poetess ?

                   (If the Well Goes Dry)

Q.25. What should we do to solve the problem of fresh water ?
Q.26. Write the chemical combination of the human body. In what way is the human body similar to the earth ?
Q.27. Describe the effects of population growth on the global water system.
Q.28. Where do we get fresh water ?
Describe the effect of deforestation on the eco-system.?
                   (A Prayer for My Daughter)

Q.29.   What is the poet's opinion about 'overmuch beauty' ? Does he want his daughter to possess it ?
Q.30. What are the evil effects of 'Horn of Plenty' ?
Q.31. Why does the poet want his daughter to have a life of custom and ceremony ?
Q.32. Why does the poet want his daughter to be free from 'intellectual hatred' and 'opinionated mind' ?

                   (The Beggar)
Q.33. Why was Lushkov, the beggar compelled to beg ?
Q.34. Why did the beggar get a merciless scolding ?
Q.35. Olga behaved with the beggar very badly. Was her behaviour real ? Justify your answer.
Q.36. Why did Olga shed tears over the beggar ?
Q.37. What reasons did the beggar give for begging ?
Q.n It was the attitude not the words that brought about a chance in  the beggar." Explain ?
                 (After Apple Picking)

Q.38. What is implied by the phrase. 'Just some human sleep' ?
Q.39. Justify the title of the poem. 'After Apple-Picking'.
Q.40. What does the poet see in his dreams ?
Q.41. Why can't the poet run strangenes from his sight ? Or
Q.n why can't the poet rub strangeness from his sight ?

              (On Umbrella Morals)

Q.42. What has the author to say about moralsconcering books ?
Q.43. What does the author mean by 'play hide and seek with our own conscience' ?
Q.44. How do people who pick things belonging to others satisfy their concience
Q.45. What does the say about 'umbrella conscience' ? mention some of its chief characteristics. Mention main four points.
Q.46. Why does the author say that picking of other people's fat is unpardonable.
                (My Father Travels)

Q.47. Why does father tremble at the sink ?
Q.48. Why does the poet call the children sullen ?
Q.49. Give the central idea of the poem.
Q.50. What does the father contemplate on in the toilet ? Or
Q.n What does 'yellow' stand for in line --
'Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light ?
          the   (Youth andTasks Ahead)

Q.51. Why does the author want our youth to be physically and intellectually strong ?
Q.52. What does the author mean by patriotism ?
Q.53. Describe in brief, all the four dimensions in which our youth must equip themselves.
Q.54. How according to Dr. Karan Singh can the youth repay their debt to
society ?
Q.55. Why should the youth be properly canalized ?
Q.56. Which task is more oneours.
Q.57. How can corruption be eradicated ?
(On this being Arrived at the Age of Twenty three)

Q.58. What has time stolen from the poet ?
Q.59. What deceives the truth ?
Q.60. Briefly describe milton's feelings on his having arrived at the age of twenty three.
Q.61. Why does the poet call time the subtle thief of youth ?
Q.62. Who is Task master ?
Q.n How according to Dr. Karen Singh can the youth repay their debt to society.?

              (Albert Einstein at School)

Q.63. What is Einstein's theory of education ?
Q.64. Why was Albert adamant on meeting a doctor ?
Q.65. Give a brief character sketch of Einstein.
Q.66. Why was Einstein not interested in learning history ?
Q.67. What did the history teacher suggest Einstein ?
Q.n . Why did Einstein think that he could never pass the exam for school diploma.?
                      (To Autumn)
Q.68. Why does Autumn intend to 'set budding' the latesummer flowers ?
Q.69. How can Autumn be seen as a harvester ?
Q.70. Describe the scene of the earth at sun-set.
Q.71. Prove that 'Ode to Autumn' is a song of ripenes and abundance.
Q.72. What does the utumn plan to do with the cottage trees ?
Q.n .How can autumn be seen as a harvest.?
           (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose)
Q.73. How can you say that Netaji had a gift of judging the character of his men?
Q.74. What was Netaji's way of dealing with defaulters ?
Q.75. What did Netaji do before dealing with the situation ?
Q.76. Write a short note on Netaji's military foresight.
Q.77. Why did Netaji cross the sees and go to a foreign land ?
Q.n . How did the high spirits of the INA bring a change in the minds and actions of the Indian soldiers in the British forces.?

            The Last Ride Together
Q.78. What thoughts pass through the lover's mind when he and his beloved were riding together ?
Q.79. Why does the speaker consider the earth a favoured place in comparison to heaven ?
Q.80. The speaker considers his fate better than that of others. Why and how ?
Q.81. How does the speaker compare his soul with a scroll ?
Q.82. What two things does the speaker claim from his beloved ?

              (The Abominable Snowman)
Q.83. Why did the author want to start his inquiry with Mount Everest ?
Q.84. How did Mr. Tombazi happen to see the Snowman ?
Q.85. What reasons does the author ascribe to the round shape of the
footprints ?
Q.86. What was Newman's theory about the foot prints ?
Q.87. What analogy has the author used for proving the existence of snowman ?
                    Swami and Friends
Q.88. What change did swaminathan find in his friend behaviour before exams ?
Q.89. Describe Mani's personality.
Q.90. What were the similarities between swaminathan and samuel, the pea ?
Q.91. What did grandmother tell Swaminathan about his grandfather ?
What did granmother do with grandfather's medal ?
Q.92. What were the reasons of animosity between Mani and Rajam ?
Q.93. Why did Swaminathan go to the infant standards ? What did he find
children doing there ?
Q.94. What prank did Mani and Swaminathan want to play on Rajam ?
Q.95. What, accdording to the Vedas, was the punishment for those who foster enmity ?
Q.96. What changes swaminathan observe in his father's behaviour before the exams ?
Q.97. Who challanged mani's authority ? How the fight ended ?
Q.98. Why did Swaminathan find his brother more interesting as he grew up ?
Q.99. How did Swaminathan solve the question paper ?
Q.100. Which two morals did swaminathan draw from the story in the question paper ? Which of them did he write in the answer book and why ?
Q.101. Why did singaram, the peon rush into the crowd of boys with a stick ?
Q.102. How did Rajam bring about reconciliation between his fighting friends.
Q.103. Where did swaminathan's grand mother live ? What were her
belongings ?
Q.104. Why was swaminathan apprehensiveof Mondays ?
Q.105. How did Swaminathan react when Mani told him about his intention ?
Q.106. How did Swaminathan describe his little brother to the pea ?
Q.107. Describe Swaminathan's state of mind when his friends stopped talking to him ?
Q.108. What were the reasons of animosity between Mani and Rajan ?

                       The Silver Box
Q.109. Describe the meeting between the unknown lady and Mr. Barthwick in your own words. What is the outcome of this meeting.
Q.110. Write about the appearance of unknown lady.
Q.111. What is the dramatic significance of the conversation between Mrs. Jones and her husband ?
Q.112. What according to Mr. Barthwick, eduction is doing for the lower class

Q.113. Why does Jones towards the end of play say, "call this Justice."
Q.114. Give an account of the way 'The silver Box' was recovered from the
residence of Jones.
Q.115. What transpires when Mr. Barthwick calls Mrs. Jones for a talk ?
Q.116. Write a crtitical appreciation of the play 'The silver Box'.
Q.117. Write a character-sketch of Jones.
Q.118. "Drinking affects the high and the low alike". Illustrate the proposition on the basis of your study of the play.
Q.119. Describe in your own words the room in which in which the Jones lived.
Q.120. What excuse did Jones provide for picking up silver box.
Q.121. Who was Livens ?
Q.122. What were the two charges made by the police against Jones ?
Q.123. What sort of a person was Mrs. Barthwick ?
Q.124. Who was Roper did Roper ask Jack to do in court ?
Q.125. Write character sketch of Mr. Jack Barthwick.
Q.126. What according to Mr. Barthwick, the member of labour party do, if they ones come to power ?
Q.127. Write An Essay on one of the following Topics -
1. Population Problem 2. Importance of News paper
3. Unemployment problem 4. Value of Games and Sports
5. Science and Civilization
         Letter & applications
Q.n You are Ram residing 21/45 Sanjay colony Morena. Write a letter of complaint to the supervisor,M.P Electricity supply in your area.?

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