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vocabulary test online . it's has taken News paper

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Vocabulary test online

Strong Vocabulary
Is the foundation of competition knowledge and language . It makes a person smart.
Daily Vocab

Attain(~verb prapt karna) to gain.
Eg. To attain well education you don't need to go foreign.

Compel(~verb vivash karna, majboor karna) to force to do something.
Eg. If we need development in our country, compel government to do so

by your vote power.

Ravenous(~adj bahut bhooka) High degrees of hunger.
Eg. I didn't take breakfast today, feeling ravenous.

Garner(~verb ikattha karna) to gather, to collect
Eg. "I am going a suspicious place to garner some details" said inspector.

Insipid(~adj tasteless, feeka) Tasteless edibles or boring something.
Eg. To gain good health sometime you need to eat insipid meal.

Repercussion (~noun parinam, pratighat) Result of an unpleasant action.
Eg. Rakesh dealing with the repercussion of the war.

Drowsy (~adj Aalas me) lazy before sleep.
Eg. Usually we drowsy asleep after taking lunch.

Pilfer (~verb churana) stealing
Eg. She has been pilfered last night.

Grotesque (~adj bhonda, ada teda) Extremely different from expected.
Eg. Surendra draw grotesque cartoon of famous politicians in funny manner.

Agile (~adj nipud) quick, smart and quicker.
Eg. Dolfin fish are agile creatures on earth.

Apropos (~noun abhipray k anusar) suitable or appropriate.
Eg. The decorations of ceremony was apropos of weather.

Hew (~verb Kat lagana, chirna) to cut(by Axe)
Eg. To hew deeper in the wood the axe should be sharp.

Coagulate (~verb Kisi drav ka jamna) The process of solidification of liquid.
Eg. I got cut in finger, blood coagulate after a while.

Counterfeit (~adj jaali, nakali) not original

Seance (~noun adhyatim sabhaa) religious meeting, assembly of spiritual subject.
Eg. Pop is conducting a seance next morning.

Palatable (~adj swadisht/ruchikar) : Tasty food or something which is interesting called palatable.
eg. Palatable food, palatable idea etc.

Juggernaut (~noun Bahut bada, vinashkari) : enormous vehicle or Destructive.
eg. A juggernaut of commercial culture.
Note: This word is interesting because it is derived from Hindu god "Jagannath" destructive form of god Shiva.

Scum (~noun Gandagi) : Dirt or filth.
eg. Hitler was scum on earth. 

Vacillate (~verb sandeh karna) :Confused and unable to take action/decision between two option
eg. I Vacillated during exam and took lengthy question in hurry.

Adhere (~verb chipak jana, palan karna) : To obey and support the rules.
eg. You should adhere to the rules which are specified.

Mavens (~noun praveen) : One who knows a lot(i.e have lots of information).
eg.Economy mavens claim to decline in growth rate of India.

Reinforce (~verb majbooti dena) : To strengthen by support of something.
eg. Our education system needs to be reinforced.

Penury (~noun bahut gareebi) :High degree of poverty.
eg. Tribes of Jharkhan is facing lifetime penury.

Repeal (~verb nirast karna) : To end the previous rule or law.
eg. The new law repealed the previous one.

Hiatus (~noun antaraal) : Interval, Gap.
eg. Every movie have brief hiatus only to sell popcorn and cold drink.

Consortium (~noun sangh/ sahayata sangh) :Association of minimum two individual or group especially for helping to each other.
eg. A consortium of journalists has for months attempted to penetrate secrecy.

Amok (~adverb pagal hona) :Got mad.
eg. The dog which was shot dead got amok.

Pretense (~noun dikhawa, chhal, kapat) :Showing off in negative perspective.
eg. Everyone hate him because his pretense.

Breach (~verb ullanghan, darar) : Breaking law or rule.
eg. A breach of security.

Labyrinth (~noun Vyakulta, Bhoolbhulayya) :Very complicated network like 'maze game'.
eg. A labyrinth of old fort made for some reasonable purpose.

Vengeance (~noun badla lena, pratishod) : punishment/harm inflicted because of previous wrong-doing.
eg. "You killed my son, I will have my vengeance in this life or the next" said maximus.

Votive (~noun/adj mannat) : Fulfillment of vow(purposeful premise)
eg. Votive offering.

Irk (~verb gussa dilana) : Irritate or annoy.
eg. Don't do any irksome act in the running class.
Note: Irksome is adjective form of irk.

Depose (~verb apadasth karna) : Remove forcefully/officially/suddenly from office or power. 
eg. Prime minister deposed all corrupt politicians.

Ruse (~noun Chal) : Act or trick that use to foll someone.
eg. That man ruse to make impression around us but failed.

Reek (~verb durgandh dena ) : High degree of stink(unpleasant smell).
eg. The reek of cattle scat.

Mired (~verb kisi samasya se grasit) : Deep down, indulge in difficult situtation.
eg. Luxury cars can mired down in Indian roads.

Bolster (~verb majboot karna) : to strengthen something.
eg. India needs GST taxation system to bolster our economy.

Conducive (~adj sahayak) : helpful and/or favorable to someting.
eg. Flash lights are conducive to capture good picture.
Note. Conducive usually followed by 'to'.

Germane (~adj tark sangat) : pertinent to the topic/situation.
eg. He asked questions which was germane to the topic.

Adamant (adj.n. कठोर,अड़िग )Though Ram was admint in the beginning, he came round inthe end.

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writing courses in college learn here writing letters

writing courses in college learn here writing letters

. We write formal letters to a bank, a doctor, the local council, Principal, your landlord or a preposition

writing courses in college use - Re-pinned by…The well English Classes

Q.N = You are Mayank residing at 198 Vigyan Nagar  Indore. Write a letter to the Collector of your Dist. About the lake of facilities and malfunctioning of Govt. of Your Area.


 The Collector,

Collectorate Office                                                              


 Subject: Lack of facilities and malfunctioning of Govt. Hospital.


Most Respectfully I have to state that I am a resident of 198, Vigyan Nagar Indore. The Govt. Hospital in our area is not having basic diagnosis facilities.The hospital does not have the facility of Ultra –Sound. If there are available Some facilities, they are not being provided properly & timely. There is no off.Medicine distribution. There is water cooler Rose available in the hospital without Water. Doctors have no timetable at all.Medical staff does not co-operate Properly.I request you to take a strict action and arrange an ultra-Sound machine for  The patient relief.Please have a surprise visit and see yourself the mismanagement of the Hospital.Please do the needful for the betterment of the patients.

Thanking you Sir,

Yours faithfully,


 198, Vigyan Nagar, Indore

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Supper Fifty

You can edit this demo text! M.P Board General English Class 12th(H.M)
1. Why did the neighborhood children come to mini’s house?
2. Being static, what could Mini do and what could she not?
3. Why do you think mini name the bird, ‘Mitra’?
4. Describe the duck’s farewell?
5. Why does the author choose this occasion to advise his son?
6. What is the best way to disarm hostility?
7. What according to the author does contempt imply?
8. ‘Explain’ “True equality is the only true morality or true
9. What is the attire of the earth?
10. What makes the poet think that man is god’s greatest creation
11. What do incorrect beliefs had to?
12. Who is the best judge of self worth?
13. Distinguish between ‘time management’ and “event control”?
14. Why should we leave our comfort zones and how?
15. What was so peculiar about the face on the wall?
16. What was the third remarkable thing?waht effect did it have on the people present ?
17. What happened when Birju went to collect firewood ?
18 What miracle did the sage and his followers witness the next morning?
19. What did swami Arvasu think on seeing the celestial vehical?
20. What according to brahmadutta, made Birju, the thief noble them swami Arvasu, the sage?
21. How does the brain react in emergency situation?
22. Wat does the brain do carbon dioxide level rises in the blood?
23. What happens when a large number of brain cells are destroyed?
24. What happens when a large number of brain cells are destroyed
25. Explain the storage system of the brain?
26. How can ane reach the temple?
27. What did the poet she when he reached the temple?
28. What did the poet compare the human body with?
29. Write two ways in which the crows irritated the auther?
30. What similarities did he hawks share with auther?
31. How did the auther justify the killing of rats?
32. How were the bats saved?
33. What was Gasi’s complaint to the panchayat?
34. Why did Ghasi curse Masterji?
35. What is the kingdom of water?
36. How does the river praise the forest?
37. Describe the modern achievements of Indians?
38. What are the impediments in india’s dovelopment?
39. What place does agriculture occupy in vision 2020?
40. How can we realize vision 2020?
41. What does De. kalam mean by having an indomitable sprit/
42. How, according to the auther, are blind people better in seeing than sighted?
43. Why did new passenger no notice her hair?
44. Waht are two meanings of the word ‘cricket’ ?
45. How is the copper used in a kitchen?
46. Describe the country Inspector?
47. How was a mechenical teacher superior to human teacher?
48. Justify the title ‘True fun they had’?
49. Describe the people of kashmir?
50. In what ways had post independence india influenced the world
51. Why did the eldest brother live out of the house?
52. What was the auther’s on the custom of eating with the right hand?
53. Describe the incident at the intellectual’s house that the auther appereciate the place of religious in india life?
54. Why according to the auther, has the christian missionary fail to change the world?