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Supper Fifty

You can edit this demo text! M.P Board General English Class 12th(H.M)
1. Why did the neighborhood children come to mini’s house?
2. Being static, what could Mini do and what could she not?
3. Why do you think mini name the bird, ‘Mitra’?
4. Describe the duck’s farewell?
5. Why does the author choose this occasion to advise his son?
6. What is the best way to disarm hostility?
7. What according to the author does contempt imply?
8. ‘Explain’ “True equality is the only true morality or true
9. What is the attire of the earth?
10. What makes the poet think that man is god’s greatest creation
11. What do incorrect beliefs had to?
12. Who is the best judge of self worth?
13. Distinguish between ‘time management’ and “event control”?
14. Why should we leave our comfort zones and how?
15. What was so peculiar about the face on the wall?
16. What was the third remarkable thing?waht effect did it have on the people present ?
17. What happened when Birju went to collect firewood ?
18 What miracle did the sage and his followers witness the next morning?
19. What did swami Arvasu think on seeing the celestial vehical?
20. What according to brahmadutta, made Birju, the thief noble them swami Arvasu, the sage?
21. How does the brain react in emergency situation?
22. Wat does the brain do carbon dioxide level rises in the blood?
23. What happens when a large number of brain cells are destroyed?
24. What happens when a large number of brain cells are destroyed
25. Explain the storage system of the brain?
26. How can ane reach the temple?
27. What did the poet she when he reached the temple?
28. What did the poet compare the human body with?
29. Write two ways in which the crows irritated the auther?
30. What similarities did he hawks share with auther?
31. How did the auther justify the killing of rats?
32. How were the bats saved?
33. What was Gasi’s complaint to the panchayat?
34. Why did Ghasi curse Masterji?
35. What is the kingdom of water?
36. How does the river praise the forest?
37. Describe the modern achievements of Indians?
38. What are the impediments in india’s dovelopment?
39. What place does agriculture occupy in vision 2020?
40. How can we realize vision 2020?
41. What does De. kalam mean by having an indomitable sprit/
42. How, according to the auther, are blind people better in seeing than sighted?
43. Why did new passenger no notice her hair?
44. Waht are two meanings of the word ‘cricket’ ?
45. How is the copper used in a kitchen?
46. Describe the country Inspector?
47. How was a mechenical teacher superior to human teacher?
48. Justify the title ‘True fun they had’?
49. Describe the people of kashmir?
50. In what ways had post independence india influenced the world
51. Why did the eldest brother live out of the house?
52. What was the auther’s on the custom of eating with the right hand?
53. Describe the incident at the intellectual’s house that the auther appereciate the place of religious in india life?
54. Why according to the auther, has the christian missionary fail to change the world?
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