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learn how to write an essay in english

Essay Writng
The dictionary meaning of the word essay is a piece of writing usually short, on any one subject. In other words, it can be said that the essay must be short in length, elegant in style and written a complete account of a particular subject or a branch of the subject from one point of view. Essays are nothing but records of the personal impressions of an essayist.
Writing a short essay is generally perceived as more of a difficult job than writing an essay of about a thousand or more words. A short essay consisting of around five hundred words is quite a test of one's understanding of the given topic, sense of precision and lucidity of language. In a long essay you can build Up your arguments in a relaxed manner and can in fact, expand the scope of the discussion, but it is not so if you have to deal with the subject right from the word go.
However, this does not mean that the level of discussion in a short essay is likely to be shallow. To be able to get to the very pulse of the subject matter is a skill which you have to learn through continuous practice and application of thought. Admittedly, there
can not be any quick-fix method for achieving the ability, yet some "measures"can be advised.
Classification of Essays
While writing a piece of composition we may describe an object, narrate a story of adventure, give information about a subject clearly explaining and exposing it, argue for or against a proposition, or imagine a situation of which we haveno actual experienceAccording to these various forms and purpOSes of composition, essay may be Classified as Descriptive Essays, Narrative Essays, Reflective Essays and Imaginative Essays.
1. Descriptive Essays: It consists of a description of some persons, places or things. Here we express in words what the eyes see and ears hear. We describe a scene, an object or person we have met, eg animals, plants, towns, countries and phenomena of nature and incidents.
2. Narrative Essays: A narrative essay consists mainly of the narration of some event or series of events. The event should be treated as a subject for thought and comment, and so the essay should be more or less reflective. Narrative eSsays may be of historical stories of legends, biographies,an account of a natural disaster, a journey or voyage, a story real or imaginary.
Structure of the Essay
An essay, irrespective of its type, has three-tier structure, namely
(a)‘ Introduction
(b) Body
(c) Conclusion
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