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    difference between informal and formal complaint letters

    formal letters
    All types formal and informal cbse letter format letter message writing  class 12

    All types cbse letter writing format class 12

    how to write a letter Formal letters writing and informal letter writing- letters are two types first of official letter format formal letter and second are informal like business letter format, complaint, permissions letters, business letter official letter format. There are two main types of business letter styles: block style and Administrative Management Style (AMS). Block style is the most commonly used formal letter format. It has a salutation and closing and is good for letters to businesses you are applying to or someone you have met before. AMS style is more succinct and better for internal memos and situations where you have to be very direct

    1-Inquiring  about the details of the Crash Course in English

    Q.N -- Write a formal letter to the Director, THE WELL Institute Jiwai ganj morena. Inquiring  about the details of the Crash Course in English
     24 Sindhi Colony
    Morena (M.P)
    12 March, 20…..
    The Director
    The – well Institute
    Jiwaji Ganj Morena ( M.P)
    Subject-: Formal letter of Inquiry about Crash Course in English
    I have learned through your ad in the Dainik Bhaskar of 10th March
    that you have started a crash course for teaching English.
    I am interested in joining this course. I shall be obliged
    if you kindly send me information regarding 
    1 The details of course
    2 Way of training
    3 Fee structure
    4 The day and timing when classes will be held 
    Thanking you
    Your faithfully

     2-letter to the Local Sanitary Inspector of the town 

    You are Manoj Sikarwar. , Sanjay Colony Morena is not happy With the sanitary conditions of his locality. He decides to write a formal letter to the Local Sanitary Inspector of the town to look into the I ' sorry state of affairs. ‘Using‘ the following. notes, write out a letter in about, 150 words.The format of writing a formal letter. How to write it.
    No sweepers, heaps of garbage, drainage blocked, people careless, no use of dustbins, suggested the supply of big polythene litter bags, regular visits of the authorities, meetings of the residents' water logging,‘ breeding of mosquitoes. _
    The Sanitary Inspector
    Morena Municipal Corporation
    Morena (M.P)
    12 Dec.20..
    Respected Sir
    . It is indeed appalling and unfortunate that the local civic bodies have remained indifferent towards the cleaning of our town Our town presently is in a sorry state Of affairs.
    There are no sweepers to clear the heaps of garbage that lie unattended and start emitting a foul smell. The garbage also attracts street dogs and pigs who scatter this garbage on the road. The f drains of our locality are perpetually blocked and this creates totally unsanitary and unhygienic conditions Installation of dust. bins in the locality have not really helped to improve the situation ' because even if people make use of these dustbins to dispose of garbage, these dustbins are rarely emptied. It is advisable to supply big polythene litter bags, instead of dustbins, which make disposition of garbage easier The water logging in the locality has proved an ideal breeding place for mosquitoes. The need of the hour is to have regular visits of officials from your
    department to inspect the locality and to have meetings with the residents of the locality in order to make our
    locality a better and hygienic place to live in.
    I hope you will personally supervise this situation and we hope to take stick action on this problem soon
    Your sincerely
    Manoj Sikarwar


      3-Write a letter of complaint to the Post Master in about 150 words.

    You had sent a Money Order of Rs. 100 to M/s Master Mind Publishing House 32/250 Dariya Gang New Delhi as per the details are given below, But it has not reached them till date. The details are Money Order Registration No. 2534 dated 21-11-2017. Your address is 45/42 Sanjay Colony Morena M.P,
    . Write a letter of complaint to the Post Master in about 150 words.,
    The Post Master
    Morena M.P “

    Respected Sir,
    I would like to. give in a written complaint regarding a' misplaced. Money Order that I had sent from your Post Office to New Delhi. The Money Order Registration N0. is 2534 dated 2nd Nov. 2017. I had sent this Money Order of Rs. 100 to M/s MasterMind Publishing House 32/250 Dariya Gang New Delhi for a book that I needed urgently. On enquiring . from them yesterday I found out that they had not dispatched the book because they have not yet received the required payment, whereas I have already sent Rs.100 through a Money Order to them almost one month before
    Due to some negligence on the part of the Post Office Department, my Money Order has not yet reached them. I need the book urgently to prepare for my exams scheduled to start in the middle of March. So it is my earnest request to you to look personally into the matter and make sure that my Money Order is received in Taking place as soon as possible.
    I hope you will ensure that my complaint is attended to at earliest

    Thanking You
    Sincerely yours

    4-Write an application to the Principal to excuse his absence from school for a week.

    Ramesh student of class 10th is not coming to school because he is suffering from fever. He wants you to write an application to the Principal to excuse his absence from school for a week. Write this letter on his behalf taking help from the following notes. Your letter should not exceed. The format of writing a formal letter. How to write it.

    Suffering-unable to write -taking medicine -will take about a week - grant leave - will makeup - friends
    help - homework - class work - thanks.
    The Principal
    Govt.H.S.School Morena
    Morena M.P
    15 December 2017
    Subject:- An application leave for one week
    Respected Sir
                          I am a student of your school.My name is Ramesh and I am studying in class 10th (A).I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I have been unable to attend school from 17 Dec. 2017 as I have been suffering from Malaria. I have ’ been taking strong medicines to relieve myself of the misery but it will still take me about one more week to get well. At present. I am unable to even write, so my friend is writing ' this application on my behalf. Please grant me one week’s leave. AI will make up for the classes I will be missing with, the help of friends and keep my class-work and home-work up-to-date. I am sure you will understand my plight and grant me leave.
    Thanking you.
    Your sincerely
    Ramesh Sikarwar

    5-Write a letter to the Chairman, State Transport Corporation

    Q.N. The transport authorities have decided to increase the bus fare by 40% of the existing one. You are Ram Kumar, a student of class XII, residing in Sanjay Colony, Morena. You are worried as you commute to school by bus. Write a letter to the Chairman, State Transport Corporation to reconsider the decision in the interest of the passengers and students.

    The Chairman
    State Transport Corporation
    Morena (M.P)
    1 March 2017

    Sub... Regarding increase in bus fare

    Dear Sir
    I would like to draw your kind attention that the decision of 40% hike in bus fare has shattered us. A lot of passengers are being adversely affected due to it. Most the daily commuters on this route are from middle class and students. of Hence they will have to face a great problem. Hence I request to reconsider this decision, otherwise, there may be mass agitation.

    Thanking You
    Yours sincerely
    Ram Kumar
    Sanjay Colony
    Morena .

    6-Chief Guest at the annual function

    Qn. Write a formal letter to the MLA. Of your area to be the Chief Guest at the annual function.
    Office of Principal
    Govt. H. S. School Morena
    10 December 2016
    Respected Sir
                             It would be a matter of great honour to us if you spare some of your precious time to inaugurate the annual function of our school as a Chief Guest.
    The annual function is going to held on December 25, 2016. Kindly confirm your benign presence on the date

    Date- 23 December ,2016
    Venue - School Cultural Hall


    7-writes a complaint Letter against the nuisance caused by stray animals.

    Qn writes a complaint Letter against the nuisance caused by stray animals.
    Vijay Nagar
    Indore, M.P.
    30 Aug. 2012
    The Mayor
    The Municipal Corp.
    Indore, M.P.
    Subject: A complaint against the nuisance caused by stray animals.
    Respected Sir,
                         I wish to draw attention to the nuisance often caused by the stray dogs
    and cattle in our locality. These animals have taken over all the lanes and
    roads. At times it becomes difficult for the residents to move out safely. We
    have all become captives in our own homes.
    Moreover, they spread filth wherever they move. Accidents happen
    due to them. The dogs run behind the vehicles. They cause damage to
    property also. They have become a dangerous threat to the people of the
    Therefore, I request you, on behalf of the residents of my locality,
    Vijay Nagar, to take immediate action in this regard.
    We shall all be grateful to you.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully

    8-writes an informal letter to your friend to advise you how to prepare

    Qn writes an informal letter to your friend to advise you how to prepare and get good marks.
    74, Nehru Nagar
    Bhopal, M.P.
    30, Aug. 2012

    Dear Anand/Anadita,

          I received your letter yesterday and got all the news. You have asked me to advise you how to prepare and get good marks. I think there are certain basic things which should be followed, first of all, frame a timetable which you must follow. Give maximum time to academic studies devote equal time to all the subjects. Instead of mugging, you should first try to understand and then memorize, Revise as much as you can.Most important, do not forget to amuse yourself frequently! But donot waste your time.
    Pay my regards to your parents. Bye.
    Yours Sincerely

    9-Complaint Letter to the modern sports Goods Indore

    Q. Write a Complaint Letter to the modern sports Goods Indore.
    Office of the principal

    Govt.School for Excellent Morena
    Date 30 April 2017
    No./Sports/2016 -17
    M/s Modern sports
    M.G Road Indore

    Sub: Short supply of sports goods

    Dear sir
                  It is a matter of regret that the received consignment of the sports items sent to you with invoice dated April 20, 2017, is found short of many items
    The details of the missing items are included herewith on a separate sheet. It is difficult to believe that such thing should have happened under your efficient control. I would, therefore, request you to please supply the items found short at your earliest.
    Thanking you
    Your sincerely
    Sudhir Chandra

    10-Collector Morena about Ban on Loudspeaker

    Write a formal letter to the district Collector Morena about Ban on Loudspeaker

    12/34 Sanjay colony Morena (M.P)

    The Collector Morena
    District Morena (M.P.)
                                           Sub. - Ban on Loudspeaker

    Respected Sir,

                I request to state that various examinations take place in the months of March and April. Students are busy with their studies. But some people use loudspeakers on a high pitch. It disturbs us. It is a sin to disturb students but these people do not try to understand it. So, a behalf of all students requests your honour too. kindly, put a ban on the free use of loudspeakers. We shall be obliged to you if you consider our demand.Thanking You
    Yours Truly
    Navin Kumar


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