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mp board 12th English model paper 2019-20 Hindi medium

mp board 12th English model paper 2019-20 Hindi medium
Guess Paper
madhya-pradesh board english guess H.M medium  paper class 12th 2017-2018

mp board 12th English model paper 2019-20 Hindi medium
mp board 12th English model paper 2019-20 Hindi medium

Q.5 What do you suppose the hopeless the forgotten the anguished want to tell us
  Ans. The hopeless, forgotten and anguished people want to tell us about their suffering and please to us to help them climb out of their miserable condition.
 Q.6 How could be listening to one's inner voice be helpful?
Ans. Listening to inner voice warns us against a signal dead. It distinguishes between what is right and what is wrong. In this way listening to inner voice could help us.
 Q.7 What is the overall mood of the poem? Ans. The overall mood of the poem is of devotion to god, as it is the prayer to God.
  1. A Friend Who Came From the Sky
Answer the following questions:
Q.2 What disability did she have?
Ans. Mini was a spastic girl. She was unable to control her hands and legs from birth.
Q.3 Why did the neighbourhood children not become friendly with her?
Ans. The neighbourhood children were not friendly with her because she was spastic and they were busy with their own games and schools.
Q4 What was the „ball‟ that fell in her lap?
Ans. The ball that fell in her lap was actually a duck.
 Q.5 How did the bird react when Mni‟s mother tried to pick up? Ans. When mini‟s mother tried to pick the bird up. It nipped her hand.
Q.6 How was the bird fed?
 Ans. The bird was fed some mashed rice with milk and sugar with an ink filler by opening its beak.
 Q.8 Why did the neighbourhood children come to mini‟s house?
Ans. The neighbourhood children come to mini‟s house to see the bird.
Q.9 What change did the bird bring in the attitude of the neighbourhood children towards mini?
 Ans. The bird brought a huge change in the attitude of the neighbourhood children. They realized the anguish Mini must have gone through because they did not play with her. They now became friendly with her.
 Q.11 Being spastic, what could Mini do and what could she not? or Write a few lines about Mini.
Ans. Being spastic, mini could not walk or button up her shirt but she could crawl. She had learned to use her hand to brush her teeth and use a spoon to eat. She could also manoeuvre her wheelchair.
Q.12 What had happened to the bird?
Ans. The bird had hurt itself on its wings in the strong current of wind.
Q.13 Why do you think the bird refused to eat anything? Ans. The bird refused to eat anything because it was terrified.
 Q.14 Why do you think Mini name the bird, “Mitra‟?
Ans. Mini had no friends she needed a friend very badly. When she found the bird to company her, she took it to be her friend, therefore, she named the bird „Mitra‟.
Q.16 Describe the duck„s farewell?
Ans. On the day of the duck‟s farewell mini‟s father took all the children and the duck to a nearby lake. The children lifted Mitra from mini‟slap and gently released hi, into the lake. He started swimming, shovelling the water with his beak. The children stood there for a long time, watching.
Q.17 Who do you think the story is about, Mini or the duck? Why?
 Ans. I think that story is about Mini. This story tells us about the suffering and loneliness of a spastic child. She does not have ant friend because of her physical inability. The duck that is lame by an accident arrives and it changes the life of mini forever. All the children realize her agony her agony and become friendly with her.
A Father’s Letter
 Answer the following questions :
Q.1 Why does the author choose this occasion to advise his son?
Ans. The author chooses this occasion to advise his son because he is entering into school life. This can be considered as his first entrance into the world. Another important reason is that his health is now not good and he does not hope to live long.
Q.2 What happens if we prejudge people and future events?
 Ans. If we prejudge people and future events we anticipate evils most of the time as usually people process negative ideas only. This makes the things worse for us.
Q.5 What should we never despise anyone for? ***
Ans. We should never despise anyone for anything that one cannot help.
Q.8 What, according to the author does contempt imply?
 Ans. According to the author, contempt Implies triumph over and pleasure in the ill of another. It means that you are glad and congratulate yourself on others failings and misfortune.
Q.9 What is the difference between life at home and life at school?
Ans. The life at home is very comfortable you might do as you please. But at school there or in the outside world you will find competitors at every turn that you have to defeat to stay ahead.
Q.10 Explain, “True equality is the only true morality or true wisdom”.
Ans. This world is full of people who are competing hard with each other. People try to get ahead of other by hook or by crook. Truly moral people believe in equality and this is true wisdom. Truly moral people consider all equal to each other.
Q.11 How does school life prepare a child to face the outside world?
Ans. School life teaches a child to share his fate and settle his differences amicably with others. In this way, the school life prepares a child to face the outside world.
  1. Wonderful World
Answer the following questions :
Q.1 What is the attire of the earth?
Ans. The earth is beautifully dressed in green grass and wonderful water curled around.
 Q.2 Which actions of the wind are described in the poem?
 Ans. In the poem, three actions of the wind are described. It shakes the trees, whirls the mills and talks to itself on the tops of the hills.
Q.4 What does make the poet tremble?
Ans. The immense size of the earth makes the poet tremble when he finds himself so small in front of it. Q.5 what makes the poet think that man is God's greatest creation?
Ans. Man‟s capacity for love and think makes that poet think that he is the greatest creation of God.
  1. Ten Natural Laws of Success
 Answer the following questions :
 Q.1 What do we experience inner peace? ***
Ans. When we obey the natural laws, we are able to gain control of our lives, improve our relationship, increase our personal productivity and then experience inner peace.
Q.2 What are comfort zones? ***
Ans. there are various comfort zones like a physical comfort zone, mental comfort zone, emotional and social comfort zone and psychological comfort zone.
Q.3 How can we free up time?*
Ans. Investing a little time in certain activities can free up time throughout the rest of the day.
 Q.4 What reflects our true belief?8 Ans. Our behaviour reflects our true belief.
Q.5 What do incorrect beliefs lead to?
Ans. Incorrect beliefs lead do negative and self-defeating behaviours.
 Q.7. What are the natural laws? How do you they affect our lives?
Ans. The laws of nature are called natural laws. They govern our lives. By obeying them we can gain control of our lives, improve our relationship, increase our personal productivity and experience inner peace.
Q.8 Distinguish between „time management‟ and „event control?
 Ans. „Time management‟ means scheduling your activities in such a way that you are able to accomplish the assigned task within the given deadline. „Event control‟ means controlling the events in your life in such a way that it is beneficial to you.
Q.9 What are governing values? How can we identify our governing values?
Ans. Governing values are the foundation of personal success and fulfilment. We can identify our governing values by asking your self a simple question that what are my highest priorities and which do I value the most.
Q.10 Why should we leave our comfort zones and how? ***
Ans. We should leave our comfort zone to reach any significant goal. We can leave our comfort zone by making effort and having commitment.
 Q.12 What happens when we meet needs with incorrect belief? Ans. When we meet needs with incorrect belief, conflict rises and needs are not full-filled.
Q.13 How can we have more by giving more?***
Ans. When we give away that which we have in excess if grows faster than if we hold for ourselves
  1. The Face on the Wall
Answer the following questions :
 Q.1 What was the topic of discussion at Dabney's? *
Ans. Supernatural was the topic of discussion at Dabney's.
Q.2 In what way was the story of the „little man with an anxious white face‟ different?
Ans. The story of the „little man with an anxious white face‟ was different because according to him it was an incident that happened to him.
Q.3 What was so peculiar about the face on the well? ***
Ans. The peculiar thing about the face on the wall was that while the patches on the walls grew larger and changed their contours, the face never did so.
Q.4 What dominated the thoughts of the narrator when he had an attack of influenza?
Ans. When the narrator had an attack of influenza, his thoughts were dominated by the face on the wall. Q.9 What two remarkable things did the narrator mention?
Ans. The two important things that the narrator mentioned were as follows: First, the discolouration in a lodging house in London not only to form the features of a gentleman in America but to have the intimate association with his existence. Second, that gentleman‟s name bears any relation to the spot on which his features were reproduced.
 Q.10 What was the third remarkable thing? What effect did it have on the people present?*
Ans. The third remarkable thing about the story was that it was made up by the narrator. The people present there, on this revelation felt that the narrator was a snake who had bitten their bosom.
  1. In the Country
Q.3 What is the difference between a selfish and helpless man?
 Ans. A selfish man does not help the poor people or others despite having all the means. A helpless man is that person who heartily desires to help but unfortunately does not have sufficient means to do so. Q.4 Why does the poet not admire the beautiful sights of the city?
 Ans. The poet does not admire the beautiful sights of the city because the finds poor people suffering there. They are sad, was hungry and homeless.
Q.6 What happens when the poet visits the great place in the city?
Ans. When the poet visits the great places of the city he sees thousands suffering faces. before he stares a wolfish eye. From the back, he hears the groaning and sighs of poor people.
  1. Ends and Means
Q.1 Who was Swami Arvasu? **
 Ans. Swami Arvasu was a monk who roamed the villages along the river Ganges with his small group of followers.
Q.2 What was he doing under the banyan tree?**
 Ans. Under the banyan tree, Swami Arvasu was addressing a group of the faithful.
Q.4 How was Birju affected with swami Aarvasu‟s discourse.
Ans. Briju after listening to the discourse of Awami Arvasu realized that he was leading his life in a sinful way which he must abandon immediately.
 Q.7 What happened when Birju went to collect firewood?**
 Ans. When Birju went to collect firewood, at night he found that all the doors and windows of the village houses were closed. He heard a familiar sound coming from a hut.
Q.8 What did Birju see when he peeped into the hut?**
 Ans. When Berju peeped into the hut he saw a young woman clad in a tattered sari. She was sitting in front of the fireplace pretending to fry something. He also saw two children, a girl aged five and a boy aged four, huddled in a corner. They were so thin that their bones were sticking out of their clothes. Q.10 How did the poor women trick her hungry children to sleep?**
Ans. The poor woman had put a frying pan of the heath. Every few seconds she would fake a few drops of water and sprinkle on the pan. The children were under the impression that food was being cooked with the hope that food is ready, they slept. In this way, she tricked her children to sleep.
Q.11 How did Birju help the woman feed her children?*
Ans. Birju stole two sacks of grain from a grocery store and gave them to the woman. in this way, he helped the woman to feed her children.
 Q.14 What did Swami Arvasu think on seeing the celestial vehicle?
Ans. On seeing the celestial vehicle Swami Arvasu thought that a lord Indra had sent his messenger to take him to heaven.
Q.15 What according to Brahmadutta, made Birju, the thief, noble than Swami Arvasu, the Sage?*** Ans. According to Brahmadutta, Birju‟s kind act of helping the poor woman to feed her children the previous night had made him nobler than the sage Swami Arvasu.
Q.16 Do you think that the title of the story is suitable for its content?
Ans. Yes, the title of the story is suitable for its content. Birju helped the poor woman by stealing two sacks of grain. It was an act of theft but in this crime was not committed with any selfish motive, but to help a poor woman. This act of Birju attained his salvation. Thus the end justified the means. Therefore the title of the story is suitable.
  1. I‟m Joe‟s Brain
Q.1 What does the brain consist of? *
 Ans. The brain consists of grey and white tissue of gelatinous consistency.
Q.2 How can you say Joe‟s brain is Joe himself?
Ans. We can say that joe himself because it is his personality his reaction and his mental capacity. Q.4 How does the brain react to an emergency situation?**
 Ans. In emergency situations, the brain instantly shifts gears.
Q.5 What does the brain do carbon dioxide level rises in the blood?**
Ans. When the carbon dioxide level raises in the blood the brain steps up the breathing rate. Q.6 What will happen when the brain does not get the oxygen and blood it requires? ***
Ans. When the brain does the not get the oxygen and blood it requires, the person faints. If this shortage for few minutes. Them the brain suffers grave damage, paralysis or death may result.
Q.7 What happens when a part of the brain is electrically stimulated?
Ans. If a part of the brain is electrically stimulated them the person may see a long forgotten person on the scene. He might hear a strange Q.10 Describe the structure of the brain? ***
Ans. The brain is made up two hemispheres-right and left. It contains about 30 billion nerve calm or neurons. The intertwined roots seen when a sod is lifted from a lawn resemble the intertwined dendrites of the neurons.
 Q.13 What happens when a large number of brain cells are destroyed? ***
Ans. When a large number of brain cells are destroyed the person's hearing fades, his sense smell is diminished, his taste becomes less acute and he has difficulty in remembering names, dates and telephone numbers.
Q.14 What are functions of the two me hemispheres of the brain?
Ans. The two hemispheres of the brain are left and right hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls the right part of the body and the right hemisphere controls the left part of the body. Lift hemisphere controls the ability to walk, write and do mathematics. The right hemisphere does other things like it makes spatial judgments.
Q.15 Explain the storage system of the brain?
 Ans. The backup system is the most striking feature of the brain. It stores each memory in various places. This helps the person to manage Quite nicely even if a part of the brain is destroyed.
 Q.16 Describe the dangers that the brain is exposed to.? **
Ans. The brain is exposed to many dangers. Tumour can cause disasters. Stroke is another problem that can lead to mental lapses, paralysis and even to death. The third enemy of the brain is an injury which if severe may cause the blackout or even death.
 10.The Hill Top Temple
 Q.2 what did the poet she when he reached the temple?
Ans. When the poet reached the temple he saw that temple which looked like the head of the earth is brilliant with the sun. He also saw the

Q.4 What did the poet compare the human body with?
Ans. The poet compares the human body with infinity.
Q.5 How does the secret spirit operate in the human body?
 Ans. The secret spirit writes a page or a summary of the infinite in the human bodyQ.1    What made the author feel secure and why?

 The Rightful Inheritors of the Earth 11
Ans. The purchase or two acres of land the author feel secure. He felt secure because now he had his own land house.
Q.2   Who are the first visitors to the farm?
Ans. Birds and butterflies were the first visitors to the farm.
Q.3    Write two ways in which the crows irritated the author?
Ans. The crows irritated the author by their raucous crying. The other thing was that they swooped down on the chicks.
Q.4     What similarities did he hawks share with crows?
Ans. The similarities that hawks share with the crows were that they both used both to swoop down on the chicks.
Q.5   What was the majestic creature that the author encountered?
Ans. The majestic creature that the author encountered was a cobra.
Q.6   How did the author justify the killing of rats?
Ans. The author justified the killing of rats by saying that it was necessary for the survival of human beings.
Q.7   Why did the poisoning not stop the tender coconuts to fall?
Ans. The poisoning could not stop the tender coconuts to fall because they were felled by the bats and not by the rats, which were poisoned.                                                 
Q.8      How did the author react to his wife’s suggestion of buying a gun?
Ans. To his wife’s suggestion of buying a gun, The writer refused to accept it. He said that the gun was a symbol of cruelty. He considered it, the child of sin.Further said that man should never have invented it.
Q.9       How were the bats saved?
Ans. When author’s wife and her cousin went to shoot the bats, about a hundred people armed with lethal weapons surrounded the, They threatened to kill them if they shot at the bats. They believed that bats were the souls of their ancestors. The wife and cousin had to come back. Thus the bats were saved.   
                         The Value of man 12
Q.1      What was Gasi’s complaint to the Panchayat?
Ans. Ghasi complains to the Panchayat that his ass was stolen by kanchhedi.
Q.2       Why did Ghasi not buy a bicycle?
Ans. Ghasi did not buy a bicycle because he had never ridden a bicycle in his life. He feared that if he did that at that age he might break his limbs.
Q.3   How did the Ghasi lose his ass?
Ans. One night Ghasi had tied his ass to Mukhiyaji’s Guava tree. The next morning when he went there, he did not found the ass there. In this way, Ghasi lost his ass.
Q.9   Why did Ghasi curse Masterji?
Ans. Ghasi cursed Masterji because he said that the ass belonged to Kanchhedi.
Q.11           Describe in your words how Ghasi cursed Netaji?  
Ans. Cursing Netaji, Ghasi to God to turn that person in leper who is a liar. He promised God that if his wish is fulfilled, he will offer him milk and sugar for one month
Q.14         Why did Mahan named his ass at “Truck Saab”?
Ans. Mohan named his ass “Truck Saab” because it could take a truckload of clothes and run like a motor car.
Q.19   Why did the Sarpanch say he considered an ass more reliable than man?
Ans. The Sarpanch said that he considered an ass more reliable than the man because a man can lie whereas as ass can never do so.
                        Forest and River13
Q.1     Why does the forest envy the river?
Ans. The forest is envious of the river because the river is always travelling while the forest is just a captive; chained to earth that is static.
Q.2    What is the kingdom of water?
Ans. Sea is the kingdom of water.
Q.3    What is the forest’s complaint about its life?
Ans. The forest’s complaint about its life is that its life of captivity. It Grows in silence and dies also in silence. At the end, nothing is left except a handful of ashes.
Q.5   Why does the river consider its journey meaningless?
The river considers its journey meaningless because of it nothing but runs away from here and there in bewilderment, without a moment of calm and rest.
                                India: Vision 2020
Q.1   What makes the author believe that India is ready for action now?
Ans. The author believes that India is ready for action now, because a large part of the generation is young and raring for change.
Q.3   Describe the modern achievements of Indians?
Ans. In modern days Indians have many achievements to their credit. We have launched our own missiles. Our I.T. companies and auto component manufacturers are among the best in the world. Our agricultural production is growing. Our pharmaceutical industries are capturing world markets and set to event new drugs. Indian professionals are recognized for their achievements in all parts of the world.
Q.5   What are the impediments to India’s development?
Ans. Pervasive, corruption, mindless, bureaucracy and greedy politicians are the impediments to India’s development.
 Q.6    What place does agriculture occupy in Vision 2020?
Ans. Agriculture would become very remunerative to farmers with the success of the second green revolution. India will have surplus food products to export to the world after domestic consumption is met.
Q.7   What role world Indian industry plays in the coming years?
Ans. In the coming years, Indian Industry will become a major world player in machine tools, foundry and transport equipment. India will become the manufacturing re of the world.
Q.8   In which area India well becomes a global leader?
Ans. India will become a global leader in the service sector. It will provide excellent service within and outside of the country.
Q.9   How can good infrastructure contribute to development?
Ans. A good infrastructure contributes to development by fulfilling all the needs
Q.12   How has the Indian IT industry grown?
Ans. Indian IT industry has grown from virtually nothing to an industry winning India much global recognition.
Q.14    Make a list civic duties as suggested by Dr Kalam.
Ans. The civic duties suggested by Dr Kalam are as follows:
(i)             Keep your surrounding clean.
(ii)          Plant trees.
(iii)       Help with privileged children.
(iv)        Keep your school campus clean.
Q.15      How has Singapore become one of the cleanliest cities of the world?
Ans. Singapore becomes one of the cleanliest cities of the world due to programmers stated by the government and willingly assisted by the citizens.
Q.16 What does Dr Kalam mean by having an indomitable spirit?
Ans. By having an indomitable will Dr Kalam means that we should be discouraged by the failures and should go on with increased mental strength unit the target is achieved.
                                   The Eyes are not here 15
Q.1   What instructions did the girl’s parents give when they saw her off?
Ans. The girl’s parents instructions her about where to keep the thing, when not to lean out of the window and how to avoid speaking to stranger’s.
 Q.2    How, according to the author, are blind people better in seeing than sighted?
Ans. according to the author, it often happens that sighted people fail to see what is right in front of them as they have so much to see. On the other hand, blind people take care of only essential things.
Q.3   Do you think the author was blind by birth? Justify answer from the hints given in the
Ans.   I think that the author was not blind by birth. The vividness with which he describes the natural scenery of Mussoorie clearly indicates that he had once seen those things. at one place he says “As I was totally blind at the time” hints that he was blind only at the particular time.
Q.6    What was the author trying to laugh at?
Ans. The author tried to laugh at the remark made by the girl that he was very gallant.
 Q.7   How did the author know that the train was going to stop at the station?
Ans.  The author came to know that the train is going to stop at the station because the engine whistled and the carriage wheels changed their sound and rhythm.
Q.8    What game did the author play with his fellow travellers?
Ans. the author played the game of not letting his fellow travellers know that he was blind.
Q.9   Why did the new passenger no notice her hair?
Ans. The new passenger did not notice the girl’s hair because he noticed her eyes that were so beautiful but of no use, to her as she was completely blind.
                        The English Language 16
Q.1   What are the two meanings of the word ‘cricket’?
Ans.  The first meaning of the word cricket is, first a small insect and second is the name of a game.
Q.2    What is meant by ‘dear Is far from cheap’?
Ans. ‘Dear is from cheap’ means that it is not cheap but expensive.
Q.3      What other meaning does the word ball mean?
Ans. The other meaning does the word ball is a kind of western dance.
Q.4      How is the word ‘spin’ used differently in the poem?
Ans. The word spin used to denote ‘to turn around’ ‘to drive quickly’ and to produce a thread from cotton or wool.
Q.6    What happens when you slam a door?
Ans. When you slam a door it produces a loud noise.
Q.7  How is copper used in a kitchen?
Ans. Copper used in the form of utensils of different size for cooking food in the kitchen.
                                    The Fun They Had 17
Q.1        What did Marge in her diary?
In her diary Margie wrote on 17 may 2155 that day Tommy had found a real book.
Q.2         What was so special the discovery?
Ans. The special thing about the discovery of the book was, it was printed on a paper.
Q.3   What difference between a real book and a tale book did Tommy point out?
Ans. The difference between a tale book and a real book is that you can just throw it away after reading it but a tale book contains a million books and you would not throw it.
Q.4         Why did Margie hate school, especially at that time?
Ans. Margie hated school, especially at that time because her mechanical teacher had been giving her test after test in geography and she was doing worse and worse.
Q.5   Describe the country Inspector?
Ans. the country Inspector was a round little man with a red face.
Q.6   What was wrong with Margie’s teacher?
Ans. Margie’s teacher’s geography sector was geared a little too quick.
Q.8       How was a mechanical teacher superior to a human teacher?
Ans. The memory of the mechanical teacher was perfect. It was smarter than a human teacher.
Q.11  Justify the title ‘The fun they had’.
Ans. The title of the lesson is appropriate. The children of the future are taught separately and individually at home by a mechanical teacher. They find an old book from which they learn that how the schools of past were different. All the children go to a common school laughing and enjoying. They were taught by a human teacher. They must be enjoying their life at school, having a lot of fun that is missing from their school life which, in the true sense is not a school life.
                      India: Through a Traveller’s Eyes 18
Q.1   What is the author‘s nationality?
 Ans.      The author’ nationality. She is an American woman.
Q.2         how can you tell that the author had always loved India?
Ans. The author says that India had always been part of the background of her life. This fact tells us that she had always loved India.
Q.3         Describe the people of Kashmir?
Ans. The people of Kashmir are fair people. The colour of their skin is lovely cream and they have features as classic as Greek. The women of Kashmir are Auburn haired blue eyed and very beautiful.
 Q.4        In what ways had post-independence India influenced the world?
Ans. After independence, India managed to maintain its freedom. It has produced superior individuals. Indians have made good use of the knowledge give the English.
Q.7      What problem did the educated Indian face?
Ans. The problem faced educated Indians was a scarcity of jobs. The jobs existed nowhere except in the limited civil services.
Q.8   What conclusion did the author draw when she compared the Indian peasant with this of other countries?
Ans. When the author compared the Indian peasants with that of other countries she concluded that Chinese peasants were richer then Indian peasants. Only Russian peasants were as poor as the Indian ones.
Q.10          What misconception about England was removed when the author visited India?
Ans. The author loved England. She was of opinion that English was the finest people. But when she visited India she found colonialism had spread corruption.
Q.11       Why did the eldest brother live out of the house?
Ans. The eldest brother had a stroke of paralysis. He himself chose to live out of the house so that he might listen to the villagers easily, who came to seek his advice.
Q.12        What was the author’s on the custom of eating with the right hand?
Ans. She commented that nothing is so clean as ones washed right hand for eating food.
Q.13     Why did the host eat with his back towards the guests?
Ans. The host ate with his back towards the guest to fulfil the requirement of his caste.
Q.14    Describe the incident at the intellectual’s house that the author appreciates the place of religion in India life?
Ans. The author observed that religion was an ever-present in India life when she was in the house of her host, her husband’s elder brother came there without speaking to them he moved gracefully to the other end of the room, barefoot. There he knelt and prayed for 15 minutes. The host told he come during the prayer time since his own home was at some distance from his place of business. This filled the author with appreciation.
Q.16 Why according to the author, has the Christian missionary fail to change the world?
Ans. According to the author, the Christian missionary failed to change the world because they have not been willing to pay the full price for faith.

QN – Imagin yourself to be the Export Manager of Deepali Overseas Ltd. Mumbai, You need chartered accountants for Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore offices. Write an advertisement for a National daily offering an initial salary of Rs. 20,000/- per month with free accommodation. complete the advertisement in 50 words.

                                    Required Chartered Accountants
The company requires chartered accountants for Mumbai, Delhi and Banglore offices. Candidates should preferably be F.C.A. Salary Rs. 20,000/- per month with free accommodation. Apply with full details of previous experience to the export manager, Deepali overseas Ltd. Dr.Anne Besant Road Chatterjee Building Mumbai.
Q.N 17 What do people do for their harvest?
Ans.    They dance for their harvest.
Q.N19    What accounts for beauty in your self?
Ans   Good deed and happy thoughts account for beauty in ourselves
Q.N20   Why must we take a risk?
Ans     We must take a risk because the greatest hazard (danger) in life is to nothing.
Q.N21    What is the simplest of meditation?
Ans    The simplest form of the meditation is focusing on breathing.
Q.N22    What according to the poet “Psalm of life” is the nature of life?
Ans    According to the poet life is a real thing. It is a serious matter has given us.
Q.N23    When does the heart get to rest? How much rest does it take in a day?
Ans     It rests for 15 hours in a day.
Q.N24    Why were the British tanks called Tatanagars?
Ans    They were called Tatanagars because the steel of them was made in Tatanagar.
Q.N25     What was Jamshedji prohibited from entering the Majestic hotel?
Ans      He was prohibited because he was an Indian.
Q.N26      What will help you to improve your English in the beginning
Ans      If we hear English spoken every day and mix freely with English speaking people, it will help us.
Q.N  27    Mention the best time to visit Chitrakoot?
Ans      Mention the best time to visit October to March.
Q.N28     What will help you to improve your English at the beginning?
Ans      Improvement of our English depends on where we live and whether we live in an English speaking community or not. If we hear English spoken every day and mix freely with English speaking people it is advantageous for us. However, the whole language cannot be poured over us at once.Reading English books helps a great deal.
Q.N 29 Write the central idea of the poem “Risks”?
Ans  No risk no gain goes the saying’ Man does not live by bread alone, say the Bible Needs of man various types. Their fulfilment requires hard work and there are many hazard obstacles and risk.  Nature puts challenges and obstacles before him. And in this way, his ability is developed. There is a risk in every field of life. To achieve something one will have to take a risk.A man who fears taking risk get nothing.The greatest risk in life is not to risk.
Q.N 30  Justify the title Psalm of life?
Ans   Yes the title of the poem is appropriate as the poem praises life and inspire us to act and progress each day.The poet says one should not be pessimistic about life and considering it an empty dream or grave its ultimate goal lose interest in it. But he inspires not to think about the past and future and live today and act in the present.
Q.N   Summarise the poem Cloud”?
Ans The cloud flies through the sky and heaven. It is like a blooming lotus and breeze blowing silently.Its drops can be seen on the flowers. Its water droplets make the rainbow appear in the sky. It also takes the shape of the fog.It waits for the sun to rise and when it rises it disappear returning its beauty.
 ‘Write a letter to your friend describing a recent exerting cricket match in which your team won.
 Examination Hall,
. ‘ April 27, 2017
* ‘My dear Rajeev,
You will be glad to know that I enjoyed an exciting Cricket Match between our school team and Govt: H.S.S. Indore. All the players of both the team played. mg well. Thet targeted of ‘ven by Govt; H.S. School. My school team players were ‘ playing very we and they scored v240-9. We were disappointed because the last man was not a good batsman. There was silence on the ground. The bowler threw the ball and he hit the ball’and scored one. The man who Was the best batsman A y came to take a strike. He hit the ball and got six runs. New hope came to us. And ' at last, he hit them. ball for four runs. There was excitement on the ground. At last my school team won. We must have patience at the time of excitement. At last we '. won the match. How is your study going on? Pay my regards to dear uncleaned [.With Best wishes.  Your. truly
 Amit ‘
 . Write a letter to your brother telling him how you spent your last summer vacation
' Examination Hall, Indore
 April 25, 2017, 4 My
 Dear Ajay
I am well here and hope for same to you. You are enjoying your summer vacation. but I could not enjoy' them because there was a camp in my school.I participated in that. I attended the class of Spoken English, swimming, painting and yoga. It  'was a camp of 25 days. So I could not come to you. I enjoyed my camp. I learnt different activities with experts. It Would be helpful for my further study. If you find any chance, I advise you to join that.
 Pay my best regards to dear mother and father; With Best Wishes
Yours elder brother
Q.N--  Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you  Rs.5000 to buy some books.Or  you  want  to join a computer course
Ans –
House N. 25
Sindhi Colony
Morena  (M.P)
12  Jun..20…
Respected Father
High regards. I am fine here. I hope you are also best for health. I received your letter yesterday. I am studying well. The school is also very good.The hostel is also very nice and clean ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
(1)  However, I miss home and my family.But please don’t worry.
I want to tell you that  I have to buy some books and my to pay my school fee.
Therefore, kindly send me Rs.  5000  by possible.
Give my regards to mammy and Priya
          Your obediently
Your son Mohan Sikarwar
(2) Papa,   I want to join a computer course. Computer technology is advancing day by day. Computerization in India is in full swing.
So, kindly permit me to join this course. I also want to purchase a personal computer.
Give my regards to mammy and Priya
Your obediently
Your son Mohan Sikarwar
  1. 51. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his grand success in the examination. Congratulation Letter
Ans. 115, New Colony, Neemuch (M. P.)
Date .............
Dear Sanj ay,
I received your letter yesterday. I am quite well here and hope the same for you.My joy knew no bounds when I came to know that you have passed the High School Exam, in the last Division. Your hardworking gave you such an achievement. I congratulate you on your grand success in the examination. Say my respect for uncle and auntie.
Yours sincerely
. Q.‘ 52. You are Rajesh. Write a letter to your 'younger'sister advising her to; celebrate Dewalli without. crackers.
Ans. 102, Anoop Nagar,
 Indore 5
Date ........
 Dear Shweta,
The Diwali Festival is coming soon. You will take much interest in it: You will enjoy it highly. Many sweets will be prepared on this occasion. Here, I would like to advise you not to use crackers. These. are’very costly and also harmful. They pollute the atmosphere. The smoke creates trouble for the patient of asthma. Keep your surroundings healthy. Rest is O. K. Please, convey my best regards to all.
Q 34. Using the following input, produce a Write-up 011 ‘My Neighbours’
  1. His name, age, profession, 2. His habits, nature, 3. His qualities 4. When you like him or dislike him.
My neighbour is Shri Alok Kumar Gupta A very fun loving, amiable and helpful person. He 13 very prompt to a person who needs help. Mr Gupta is also. very sensible towards the environment He loves to keep his surrounding neat and clean and always motivates other to do so as Well. Sometimes he 1S seen cleaning the d1a1ns and picking up the garbage lying here and there on the roads. In his free
noble soul
 Q33. Your school has recently celebrated ‘Cleanliness Week’ organising a  number of later-house competitions and awarded the prizes in a gala function.
"its the Seen-tan of the Students Council of 3our school, prepare a report in 125 words, suitable to be published in tour school magazine. You are Sunil I Sunita.
                                       Cleanliness Week

Gwalior 23 January 2018  Govt. Girl‘s HS School, Gwalior launched ‘Cleanliness week‘ in a unique manner. It organised a number of Interhouse competitions Poster-competition aroused the interest of all. The participants made colourful posters on health and hygiene. Inter-house ‘cleanliness competition’ was the main attraction of the day. Maharana House u as judged the best house. The students organised a “Cleanliness Quiz Contest’ and an inter-house essay competition on Cleanliness IS Godliness’. The Principal gave away the prizes to the Winners Shreya was
judged as Miss Clean of the school and Maharana House, ‘The CleanestHouse.‘

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