a cricket match essay 250 words

a cricket match essay 250 words
Cricket Match


  A cricket match essay 250 words

A cricket match essay 250 words-Cricket is a popular game in the world. There are many types of cricket match like the test match, one-day match and IPL match. Game of cricket is full of the swim in India nowadays. You can see it everywhere in India. Our India enjoys an honorable position in the world of cricket. Our country has produced many skilled cricketers. It organizes international ’ competitions. These days cricket has become most popular throughout the world. People watch the live telecast of these matches with great interest. Children are fond of information about cricket and its law. The most important thing is that this is a common topic that students can take as a topic to write an essay in the contest of essay writing
1.Introduction of a cricket match: Cricket is the most famous sport nationally and internationally. Its game like to play in India. It is a famous game of India that is played with bat and ball. There are two teams in this game and each team has 11-11 players. It is played by the two teams for the same goal of the number of runs and the highest score achieved. In it, the team is the winner, who has the highest run at the end of the game. central place' which is called 'pitch' and it is played around it.

2. A cricket match or My Favorite Game: In our school-also due importance is given to the various’ games and sports. I am also interested in playing volleyball and cricket. But cricket is my favorite game. It has elected me as captain of the school cricket team because I am an all-rounder. I am’ skilled in batting, bowling, and fielding. I always try to give suitable guidance to the players on my team;

3. The Occasion of the match: The Teams and Venue: In November last a cricket match arranged between our school team and the National School team. They played the match in the Bhimrao  Ambedkar Stadium of our city many spectators and students saw the match Since it was Sunday.
4. Arrivals of the teams; Both the teams reached the playground in time. All the players were present in their uniforms. The umpires were also present. and scorers had taken their positions. First of all, we won the toss and batted. Opposite team captain spread up his fielding on the playground. The students were keen to see and enjoy the match.
5. The description of the match: It was Sunday A one-day cricket match organized. The match began at 8:30 A.M. It was being played in the Bhimrao  Ambedkar Stadium  Morena. They started the match. Our team captain and Praveen started the match as the opening batsman. They scored runs at a fast rate. After two hours they caught our captain out. He had made eighty runs. Praveen had scored fifty runs when he became a run-out. All players played well and in 50 over our team had scored 250 runs for 6 wickets. The bowlers of the opposite team worked hard but our team scored a big total. After this at 11 30 am. Lunch break" had given to the players.
At 12 .00 pm’. match again started. Now our team bowled the opening batsman. Our fast bowlers got an early breakthrough and both Opening batsmen became bold out with a score of 10 runs. After Thyssen batsman scored at a fast rate. But our bowlers forced them to end the innings with a score of 210 runs for 10 wickets, in 48.3 overs. We won the match by 40 runs.

6. Conclusion: Thus we win the match. It was a happy end of the match. All the students returned to their homes. They were talking gladly about the match. Cricket is really a game of courage and promptness. The player should be always watchful and careful otherwise the team will be in loss.