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short Essay My Teachers Can Help you make the Future


why teacher professional development is important

1.Introduction: 5th September Teacher’s day celebrated in our school with magnanimity. The teacher is the maker of the nation‘s destiny. Some basic qualities make an ideal teacher. He is fearless, earnest sincere. These qualities earn his devotion and admiration. His erect, healthy body and always smiling face become the center of attraction. The teacher is a storehouse of knowledge. Teacher combines learning and gentleness. The teacher has qualities of head and heart. He is a true guide. He is ‘ dedicated to his cause He serves as a beacon light. He is a rare commodity, but there is no dearth of such teachers. difference between informal and formal complaint letters 2. His wonderful job for Teaching has been considered in our society as a profession with a mission. Every discussion on teachers begins with a charged elaboration of the exalted position accorded to them by the Indian tradition for ages. It considered teachers an embodiment of values, character, scholarship, leadership and as persons who practiced what they preached. I often consider the place of ‘acharya’ and ‘guru’ higher than that of parents. There is, a basic strength of this approach. All great thinkers, philosophers, creative persons, rulers and people who have changed the direction of human development attribute their achievements to their teachers, irrespective of the system and tradition of education, which may differ from place to place. Such discussions often end with the lament that the teachers of today are no more the teachers of the past.  short essay or biography of Mahatma Gandhi 3.His socialism activity: The period 1857 -1947 could be considered as having great significance in the history of the Indian nation. These were the years when every Indian, irrespective of caste, creed, region or any other conceivable diversity, came forward to identify with a common national goal. Every Indian freed India from the foreign yoke. It is amazing to learn that it was the teachers who played a silent but  mobile computing devices Importance of Man’s life 4.Most critical roles: in spreading the message of the ‘leaders of the freedom struggle of the masses. When the entire set-up of the governance was against them, they dared to spread Gandhian thoughts and ideas and wore ‘Khadi’. This was a unique response created by the teachers in an otherwise frightening situation. They, however, had the inner strength and the courage of conviction and worked with a missionary zeal.  The onslaught of an alien education system of the established system of Indian education, teaching and learning resulted in a gradual isolation from the process of education, the community and society managed which. The consequences of the government taking over the system are being felt even to this stage of the education system of the country. Communities are convinced that it is the sole responsibility of the government to educate their children and provide the infrastructural support to the process. Further, those managing the system treats teaching as a job and no more as a mission. This aspect has brought a deterioration in the education system. The term ‘teacher’, once considered a coveted position in our society,  as lost its relevance today. So, we have to look into this area with seriousness and concern.  The nation must examine the professional aspects of schooling and those concerning teachers and their education regularly. Recruitment of teachers must be a process of a total assessment of the individual in all aspects, including competence, commitment and willingness to work.  5.Conclusion: It must be noted that whether one likes it, teachers create future societies. The fiber of young individuals who shall become the citizens of tomorrow. directly depends on the level of preparedness of their teachers, particularly on the school stage of education. So, in every aspect, our policy-makers should look into the making of the teacher, who shapes the destiny of the nation. The people entering the teaching profession should treat it as a mission rather than a bread-earning exercise. 

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