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my ambition in life essay 400 words


my ambition in life essay 400 words
my ambition in life essay 400 words

my ambition in life essay 400 words
Introduction: Ambition is a passion  Every person has different ambition In this world, there are different persons with their different aim or ambition. Some students want to become doctors some engineers some technicians, some businessmen, some political leaders, and some want to become a teacher For different ambition different qualification is necessary. We have to top a good ambition. I am a student of class X at this moment.  I once heard a lecture on science. It increased my curiosity.When I came in Class X after passing a ninth class examination, I want to offer science in class.

2. What is Ambition: Ambition means a strong When a student starts learning, his parents and he himself has a goal in life. Aimless work wastes energy When the aim is fixed, a student follows a particular kind of study using his most attention and energy to be perfect in that work. 
3. EducEducation: do I learn science? My ambition (goal) is to be a scientist I wish to know more about more 1 year to get graduate and the postgraduate degree in Physics After that I want to get the degree of PhD I wish to do something new
3. My Ambition: Our country is developing. We are making more and more progress in science and technology. We are still far behind industries and research centres need more scientists and technicians I hope to be one of them.
My aim is to serve our country I am sure 1 do not want to earn more by unfair and foul means I hope I will be able to follow certain values and principles


Study Noun for competition English Grammar

The people of our country are very much screwed in corruption I too feel that corrupt practices should stop Only then the common people can enjoy the real benefit of life I will do my best to stay I will devote a good time to make researches
Chiefly India is the land of farmers Most of the people are engaged in direct or indirectly in farming. Much has been done to increase agricultural production. I will also work for industrialization.
5. Conclusion: I am doing hard work. I am studying day and night, I will be able to fulfil my wishes, teachers and friends. I will achieve my ambition or goal. May God give me the strength to do so.

                                          NOUN AND ITS USE
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