haridwar is the holy land for pilgrimage

Haridwar is the holy land for pilgrimage

Haridwar is the holy land for pilgrimage

  Haridwar is the holy land for pilgrimage

1.Introduction: India is described as a land of pilgrims and pilgrimages. haridwar is the holy land for pilgrimage tours places and the holy land of India. I had a chance of visiting Haridwar during the last summer vacation.My visit to this holy city was a thrilling experience.

2.The holy land City of Hardwar:-Haridwar is the holy land for pilgrimage. It is the
first important city on the banks of the river Ganga on the plains. It is a small city having a large number of temples and bathing ghats. The scenes of the ghats are charming. Recently the ghats have been reconstructed. Better facilities have been provided to the pilgrims by the government and the local public bodies.

3.Its mythological importance:-It is said that Bhagirath lost one lakh of his sons owing to a curse. It was said that they could be brought back to life if the king could bring down the river Ganga from heaven to the earth. Therefore, Bhagirath prayed to God for years together succeeded at last in bringing down the Ganga. It is believed that the place where the stream of Ganga first touched the earth was Haridwar.

4.Its sanctity: The Hindus hold Haridwar. as a very holy place of pilgrimage. It is believed that one single dip in the holy river Ganga at this holy place can wash away all the sins of life. He who takes both in the holy river. Haridwar. attains salvation and inherits the kingdom of God.

5.Its natural beauty:-Haridwar. is also a spot of natural beauty. It is suited at the feet of  Himalaya.The high peaks covered with shine beautifully in the sun. The peaks appear pink and golden in colour. A visitor sees a magnificent view of the Himalayas from Haridwar.

6.Fairs and Temples: Haridwar. is a city of pilgrimage tours to the holy land. Its fairs and temples are famous in the world. Fairs are held in the city almost every week. But the annual fair of Haridwar. is very famous. Millions of people visit Haridwar. during this fair from all parts of the country. I visited Haridwar.on one such occasion. It was one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.

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