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Visit to a Circus Essay for Class 12th



visit to a circus essay for class 12th
visit to a circus essay for class 12th

Visit to a Circus Essay for Class 12th -
The circus is an important means of entertainment in today's era. Especially for children, entertainment is a healthy way. In the Dussehra holidays, a huge circus came to our city. Whose name was Gemini Circus?. It as an international circus. When the children came to know that the circus came into the city, the crowd of people reached to see the circus. I also insisted on walking in the circus with father and mother

 Introduction. 2. Entrance into the circus. 3 Performance. of animals. 4. Acrobats 5. Clowns 6.. Conclusion.

बहुत ही आसानी से जाने Preposition  हिंदी  एवं इंग्लिश में 
I. An introduction visit to a circus essay: Once upon a time came to a circus in our city. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls roll up! The Gemini Circus has come to your town. Here is music, animals, conjures, acrobats and clowns big and small! roll up! roll up! was what I heard from an advertising car. This aroused a keen desire to see the circus show. I requested My father for the same. He agreed and took us to the circus last Sunday. It was great happiness.

2. Entrance into the circus: My brother stood in the queue to buy the tickets. But for me, every minute seemed like a year. After five minutes he came back and entering the ‘By Top”. I found myself completely into a strange world. I was excited to see the glare of lights and the dressed band playing a martial tune. There were thousands of spectators sitting all around in rows. In the middle was a saw-dust circle where the chem 'was to start.

3. Performance of animals-Almost the horses entered controlled by robust meson with a long ’cracking whip. They ran on hind legs making a chain by putting their ' front legs on ‘the backs of the ether horses. They were followed by We bear who pedaled bicycles and threw balls. Then came the roaring liens. On the instruction of the trainer, they sat on the stools, did ' strange things. After this, an elephant named Jumbo showed ahead stand on a strong stool. Never before had I seen animals like all

4 Other men and women artists followed The Acrobats -. Some of them did amazing feet on the one ' wheeled bicycles. After they performed it the most exhilarating ' display of swinging. Men seemed to fly through the air. They turned ' somersaults in mid-air After it a man in the black hat and black suit greeted us. He showed Wonderful magic.

5. The Clowns- But I delighted most of all to see the clowns. They were putting on ridiculous dresses. They always made funny jokes. They pretended to know everything but every time they failed in doing even simple things. They fell down from the bicycles. They went up joyfully to swing but came down in the very first attempt, Ha! Ha! how they made us laugh.

बहुत ही सरल भाषा में Noun  सीखे 

6.conclusion: After seeing the breathtaking feats of the circus, I was filled with the ambition of doing the same tricks. When the show was over, I went home in a daze of wonder and too full of spirit. A new planet swam into my kin. visit to a circus essay for class 12th

Omprakash Singh Sikarwar

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