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best essay likes and dislikes every human beings


the best essay likes and dislikes every human being

Introduction- Every individual has a bundle of likes and dislikes. There are many things which a person likes and many more which he dislikes. My own likes and dislikes are so many that I cannot discuss 

Then in this short essay. I can unlatch on a few of them here. 

Dislikes-I shall begin with my dislikes. One of my dislikes is the use of obscene1 language. Use of obscene language is the worst display of bad manners. The evil is widespread. Young and old like abuse one another. Even father is heard using vulgar language for their sons. Some people use filthy phrases like ordinary words. 

I also dislike disfiguring off the walls and gates and other public places. Whenever there is an election, this nuisance starts. It strikes posters destroying the walls and gates of the best-looking house. Worse than these are the canvassing slogans which are painted anywhere and everywhere without the least thought to the feelings of the 

house-owners. One gets up in the morning and finds the boundary walls all coloured as if by the caveman. 

The disturbing loudspeaker gets on my nerves. Let there be the slightest excuse, loudspeakers are on. Advertisements of films and circus resort to loudspeakers. Even the petty vendor of such things as toothpowder and powder for eyes uses a loudspeaker. In the name of religious and other festivities, loudspeaker goes on rending2 our ears for several days and nights. How I curse the invention of the loudspeaker! For I do not hope that I will check its use at all. 

Likes-To comes to my likes, I shall first speak to my love of reading. I love to read stories and novels. My favourite writer is Prem Chand. I as well. like listening to Indian classical music, both vocal and Instrumental. I very much like playing the guitar myself. To cut the Story of my liking short, I shall mention my love of outdoor life. I fulfil ‘ 

this love of mine by visiting historical places and hill stations where I enjoy beauties of nature to my fill.

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