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Essay my Best friend for class 9th


Essay my best friend for class 9th

essay on my best friend for class 9th
Best Friend

 Essay my Best friend for class 9th. My best friend is special whom I can share my all feelings. He is Ravi Kumar.

Introduction- Ravi Kumar is my best friend. He is my class fellow. He read with me in class 9th. His father is a government teacher and his mother is a housewife. He is always happy.

Habits and behaviour- Ravi is a boy of good habits. He gets up early in the morning. He is respectful to his teacher. He is a regular student. His behaviour is very good. He does not put off today's work for tomorrow. His manners are refined. 

Qualities- My best friend is a good student. He is intelligent as well as diligent. ; His work is always complete. He does not waste his time. He is not proud of his a rich family. He is not vain. He always stands first in his class. He secures the highest marks in every subject. He takes interest in games and debates also. He is a good player of cricket. He does not sleep before l0 PM. He is honest and sincere. He is conscious of his duties. He is a God-fearing boy.

Conclusion- I like Pankaj very much. He has many good qualities. He is an ideal friend of mine. He is one of the best boys in my school. He is an ideal 1 boy. I am proud of his friendship. I also wish to be like him. He likes me very much. He is always ready to do everything for my progress. He pays special attention to my progress. I like him very much. It is rightly said"A friend in need is a friend indeed.

My Best Friend Essay Explained in Fewer than 400 Characters

Outlines Essay my Best friend for class 9th-l. Introduction. 2. How we became friends. 3 His health. 4. His mind. 5. His behaviour. 6 Conclusion. 

1. Introduction-In the struggle of life a good friend is a divine boon. His company doubles our strength We can work with a double mind. Therefore, we reached our goal sooner than if we work alone. I thank God that I have a friend who is not a fair-weather friend or companion of money but one who has glorified the name of friendship. 

2. How we became friends -. The name of my friend is Avneesh. We were admitted to the class VI “on the same day and were given the same desk to sit by, On that day, Avneesh invited me to spend a Sunday at his home. I accepted and went there as agreed. His mother was a kind elderly lady. She entertained me. Avneesh and his brother did their best to please me. I spent a happy day, and I invited them to my house. This our intimacy grew with the time and we became inseparable friends.

3. His health - I am proud of Avneesh for he is the best player and sportsman. It is his idea that health is the most desirable possession for a man. ‘One can not enjoy this world or do his duties without a good health. Therefore, Avneesh wants to keep the flower of his health always fresh. For this, he seeks fresh air. takes exercise and eats light wholesome food. As a result‘ his, health is second to none. 

4. His Mind- My Best Friend Avneesh is a boy of high mental abilities. He passes most of his time in libraries and in the company of learned scholarly. Pages of books are pleasures of his life. As a result, he always gets a top result in the examination. 

5. His love for others - My Best Friend Avneesh has an extraordinary social sense too. Be good and do good is the principle of life. he loves others like himself. The year before last I had an attack of typhoid. Whenever I Opened my eyes found Avneesh by my sickbed. 

I shall not forget the sparkle of joy, I saw in his eyes, on the day my fever left me. Moreover on the day of Maghi fair, he. saved my brother from the drawing at the risk of his life. Who will not sell himself to such a good friend?

6. Conclusion—Thus My Best Friend Avneesh is first in sports and first in social service. Youths like Avneesh are the real wealth of a nation. For me, he is a God of love, it etches a whose name in my heart and is imperishable. So I can say that Avneesh is My Best Friend

Note: Tese useful  Essay  my Best friend for class 9th 10th, 11th, 12th

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