Essay on tourist places in mp for class 12th

Essay on tourist places in mp for class 12th
Essay on tourist places in mp for class 12th

Some basic knowledge tourist places in mp

We will write an essay on tourist places in mp and know about the historical places in mp. Historical monuments of Madhyapradesh are many some of them we know and before had seen. There are explain tourist places in mp like as Ujjain tourist places, Khajuraho, Sanchi, Bhopal, Gwalior,  marble rocks of Jabalpur etc.

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Tourism is a flourishing industry these days. It is an important means of earning valuable foreign exchange for every country. India, with her rich legacy, is a paradise for tourists on earth. People from America and Europe visit our county in great numbers and try to see the beauty of the country. Madhya Pradesh lies in the heart of India is also a tourists attraction. 
ujjain tourist places in Hindi

The most important tourist center of the state is Khajuraho. This town is situated near Chhatarpur. There is regular air service to this town. Although it is not connected with rail, yet it is connected with almost every tourist town of the state through bus service. The town is famous for its temples built by the Chandel Kings, nearby there is also a cluster of Jain temples. Every tourist who visits Agra also visits Khajuraho. 

 Sanchi tourist places in mp- Sanchi is another tourist paradise. It boasts of the famous stupas which tell us about Buddhist culture. It was a flourishing town in the past. In 1952, on the occasion of the 2500th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, a new stupa and temple were erected here. It is near Bhopal and is connected by direct train and bus services. 

Bhopal tourist places in mp - Bhopal, which is now the capital of the state boasts of some ancient monuments. The town was established in very ancient times by Raja Bhoj and hence, it is called Bhojpal or Bhopal. Here are heavy industries like Bharat Heavy Electricals. 

 Indore tourist places in mp-Indore is also a place of historical interest. Near Indore is Dhar which has the famous forts of Bag, Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. The town is a poem of stones. Gwalior is another famous center of tourists attraction. The old fort of Gwalior is worth seeing. Now the fort has famous Scindhia School. It is a historical monument. Jabalpur situated on the bank of the Narmada is famous for its marble rocks. 

 Ujjain tourist places in mp- Another important historical place is Ujjain. It was once the seat of Lord Vikramaditya, who is considered to be the wisest king ever born in India. The famous temple of Mahakal is also situated here. Today it is an important educational center. It is one of the oldest towns of the state and is famous for its Kumbha Fair, which is held once every twelve ' years. 

Among other places of tourist interest may be mentioned is Pachmari, the only hill station of the state. Other towns of historical importance are Burhanpur, Vidisha, Rewa. Rewa is famous for its white tigers. Vidisha also boasts of some tourists attraction. Thus, we can say that Madhya Pradesh is a tourist paradise in India. 

Essay on tourist places in mp for class 12th
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