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    Report writing on Cultural Exchange Programme CBSE class12th

    Report writing on Cultural Exchange Programme CBSE class12th
    Cultural Exchange Programme

    Cultural Exchange Programme organized by our School 

    Cultural Exchange Programme-Last week our school was organised a Cultural Exchange Program. Five different country Dignitaries persons participated in this drive. Our school's Principal honoured them. The visit was under the cultural exchange programme being organised by the Government of India. Students of the Dance Club, Music Club, Dramatics Club and the Poetry Society got together to put up an excellent cultural show in their honour. 

    The programme began with the lighting of the lamp by our Principal and the two guests from Bhutan along with the chanting of verses from the Bhagavad Gita. This was followed by a patriotic group song and dance drama. Next was a poetry presentation and similar other items. 

    In the end, the visiting principals spoke about the varied and rich culture of our India. Our principal proposed a vote of thanks. All in all, it was an enriching experience for everyone and all left with the hope that such programmes shall be held more often. 

    Cultural Exchange Program

    The next Monday, a delegation of American students came to our school. The purpose of this delegation was to know the culture of each other. This venture was to explore new ways and broaden the horizon. Interaction with American teachers and students will motivate our students to explore their culture, heritage, languages, food and classroom learning methods. This was to help the students to enrich their vision of the world. In this exchange program our students of class XI, XI and XII's students attended. Students from both countries tried to learn and learn about each other's culture, school and school activities, likes and dislikes, pets, food, sports etc. It was a great platform for young students.

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