Essay on independence day celebration for class 9 ,10,11, 12th

Essay on independence day celebration for class 9,10,11,12th

Essay on independence day celebration for class 9 ,10,11, 12th
 Independence day celebration 

Here we will learn how to write a good essay on independence day celebration for class 9th. Write an essay on independence day celebration before we would choose about five to six points which related to independence day celebration like, 1 Introduction, 2. Flag Hoisting, 3 Procession, 4 Meeting, 5. Illumination, 6. A Conclusion

1. Introduction- 15 August(independence day) is a proud day for every Indian. On this glorious day, Indian were victorious in their struggle for freedom. They ended the black rule of the whites and closed the disgraceful chapter of slavery once for ail. Therefore, it is. celebrated as victory day every year am? everywhere in India. This year it is celebrated in our city in a remarkable manner. 

2. Flag hoisting-On this day whole city was a stir. from’ early in the morning. People began collecting in parks, school, office for the hoisting of the flag. In my school Swami/ Vivekananda. ji unfurled the national flag among loud clappings. Then well trained, students presented an impressive march past, After it, thrilling poems were recited and inspiring speeches were delivered; In the end, the sweets were distributed. 

3 Procession-At 2 P. M. a gorgeous procession was taken out. Well adorned twelve elephants walked gracefully in the front. They were followed by our jawans with sparkling guns. Jet aircraft:

zoomed in the sky. Behind the smartly dressed army, cultural; pageant moved splendidly. Music bands and artists presented sweet music, charming dances and excellent variety of pleasing songs. Last ' of all rolled a sea of hum en Elands as far as eyes could see. Ladies showered flowers a sea of human hands as far as eyes could see. cannet describes the happiness of people oniSth August. ’ _ '

4. Meeting~At 4 P. M. a large meeting was held. Shrimati Sucheta Kriplani paid glowing tributes to the martyrs am! asked the people to defend their hard-earned freedom with all their might and ' co-operate with the government in implementing five-year plans.

5. Illumination-In the evening people walked about the streets to witness the festival of light. As the sun' went down the whole city. turned into a fairyland. At several places, there was a ' spectacular display of fireworks and the buildings were so artistical_!y illuminated that night turned into a day. ‘

6. A Conclusion- A great scholar once said, “What light is to the eyes, what air is to the lungs, what blood is to the heart, liberty. _ is to the soul of man.” Of' course there is nothing like liberty on earth. But liberty has no meaning unless there is justice for all India cannot be called free till large masses of people are slaves to them. few capitalists in the country. Only after economic freedom, India ' can celebrate 15th August with inner joy and a true delight. 

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