A bullock cart or ox cart is an ancient vehicle of animals.  People are called it a bullock cart,  and carrying their goods one places to another place. when carrying people, in particular, is a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle pulled by oxen. It is a means of transportation used since ancient times in many parts of the world.

Outline-l. Introduction, 2. Our start, 3. Scenes on the way, 4 Breakfast at a village well, 5. Race with other carts, 6 Conclusion 

1. Introduction of essay bullock cart To the lover of Nature Indian countryside is a real paradise. But traveling in these places is not easy. No motors cars can play on rough Cachoha roads. All journeys are undertaken by bullock-carts. In the last month, I had to attend a  marriage in the village Rampur in the Kanpur District. I had to cover a distance of ten miles from the railway station by a bullock cart. This journey is worth describing. 

 2. We started at night- lt was a sultry summer. So we decided to start at night. At 3 A. M.the bullocks were hitched to the carts and we started in darkness. After a half hour’s journey, we passed through an orchard. In the stillness of the night, a ‘koel‘ ‘ was cooing joyfully. Never before I had enjoyed such a sweet voice. The mango trees looked like the giants-fables in darkness. The fire was Buying like sparks in their dark leaves. A little after. our cart passed through a village. The dogs followed us barking loudly till we left the village. 

3 Scenes on the way- Now it was morning. The sun lighted up our multicoloured world. The birds began to sing their sweet songs. The gentle breeze player on its orchestra. Farmers were seen going to their fields with ploughs on their shoulders. Greenfields, ponds with smiling lotus flowers, fluttering butterflies, buzzing bees, shining silvery water made us spellbound. 

4. Breakfast at a village well- A little after we saw a roadside well at a distance. The village women were drawing Water. Some were going with pitchers on their heads. We stopped here and sat down under the huge banyan tree. We were given our breakfast. When we had finished we drank the water of the well and started again. 

5 The bullock cart race-Our marriage patty had ten nice 
bullock-carts and now we were am the vast tract of an indoor land. The road was not rough here. Therefore our drivers were tempted to enter into a cart race. They started driving their carts as fast as they could. Our excitement naturally reached its peak-point. A pair of brown bullocks won the race. But now we had reached our destination so we got down and proceeded to the place arranged for our stay.

6. Conclusion –  Except the troublesome flying dust of the road, the cart journey was excellent indeed. We enjoyed it like a lovely poem which moved rhythmically with a natural simplicity.

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