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Bhagavad Gita Summary in English about 200 words


Bhagavad Gita Summary in English about 200 words

Bhagavad Gita Summary in English about 200 words
Shree Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is not an aphoristic work; it is a great religious poem. The deeper you dive into it, the richer the meanings you get. It being meant for the people at large, there is pleasing repetition. 

With every age, the important word will carry new and expanding meanings. But its central teaching will never vary. The seeker is at liberty to extract from this treasure any meaning he likes so as to enable him to enforce in his life the central teaching. 

Nor is the Gita a collection of do’ s and don’ ts. what is lawful for one may be unlawful for another. What may be permissible at one time, or in one place, may not be so at another time, and in another place. The desire for fruit is the only universal prohibition. Desirelessness is obligatory. 

The Gita has sung the praises of knowledge, but it is beyond the mere intellect: it is essentially addressed to the heart and capable of being understood by the heart. Therefore the Gita is not for those who have no faith the author makes Krishna say: 

' “Do not entrust this treasure to him who is without sacrifice, without devotion, without the desire for this teaching and who denies me. On the other hand, those who will give this precious treasure to My devotees will by the fact of this service assuredly reach Me. And those who, being free from malice, will with faith absorb this teaching, shall having attained freedom, live where 

' people of true merit go after death. ”

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