Chitrakoot tourism essay in English


Chitrakoot tourism essay in English

Chitrakoot tourism essay in English
Chitrakoot tourism essay in English Jalprapat

Chitrakoot is a pilgrim place. It is the hill of many wonders and nestles in the northern spurs of the Vindhyas. It place is very peaceful and beautiful. Chitrakoot is a place of tranquil forest glades and quiet rivers, and streams where calm and repose are all-pervading. This loveliest of nature’s gifts is also hallowed ground, blessed by the gods and sanctified by the faith of pilgrims. For Chitrakoot’s spiritual legacy stretches back to legendary ages. It was in these deep forests that Rama and Sita spent eleven of their fourteen years of exile. Here the great sage Atri and Sati Anusuya meditated. And here was the principal trinity of the Hindu pantheon, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh took their incarnations. Sufferers and seekers poets and visionaries, princes arid noblemen haye, through the ages, sought and found solace in Chitrakoot, drawn inspiration from its sublime natural beauty, gained spiritual strength from its serene temples and, in turn, become part of the hallowed legend that is Chitrakoot Places to see

Ramghat: With the very first rays of dawn that gleam upon the river, Ramghat stirs into life as the devout of all ages take the ritual, purifying dip in the waters and invoke the blessings of the gods.
Kamadgiri : Kamadgiri is the original Chitrakoot. It is venerated today as the holy embodiment of Rama. Janki Kund: It is said that Sita would bathe in this Kund during the years of her exile with Rama.  Sati Anusuya: It was here that Atri Muni, his wife Anusuya, and their three sons are said to have meditated. Some other places like Sphatic Shila, Gupt-Godavari, Hanuman Dhara, Bharat Koop, etc. have not only their religious significance but they are the places of natural beauty as wellHow to Reach (i) By Air: The nearest airport is at Khajuraho. (175 km), connected with Delhi, Agra, and Varanasi.  (ii) By Rail: The nearest railhead is at Chitrakoot. Dham (11 km) on the Jhansi-Mamkpur mainline.

(iii) By Road: Regular bus services connect Chitrakoojt With Jhansi, Mahoba, Chirikoot Dham‚ _ Harpalpur Satna and Chhatarpur. Best Season: Best season to Visit Chit‘rakoot 1s considered October to March 
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