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Diwali festival of lights 2019 Essay


Diwali festival of lights 2019 Essay

Diwali festival of lights.
Diwali Festival of Light

(1) Introduction-Diwali festival of lights. Diwali is a great Hindu festival. It is a festival of lights. It often falls in the month of October or November every year. It is (believed that Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya from forests this day after 14 years of exile. The citizens of Ayodhya gave him a warm welcome. They decorated their houses and lighted them with the rows of earthen lamps. So we celebrate this day in its memory. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. _
(2) Preparation-Great preparations are made for this festival. The houses are cleaned and white-washed. The shops are painted and reset. The market looks very beautiful.
(3) How it is celebrated-People get new dresses prepared. Children. put on bright and colourful dresses. They go to bazaars. They buy sweets; fruit, crackers, and toys. They give presents to friends and relatives. They send greeting cards to their distant friends and relatives. The main days of celebration of Diwali are three days, ‘Dhan-Teras’, ‘Roop-Chaudas’ & ‘Diwali’ on. Amavasya day. These nights are bright. Ladies and children light candles and lamps. These are lighted after sunset. Soon the whole city is lit up.
(4) Worship of Goddess Laxmi-People worship Goddess Laxmi at night on Amavasya, that is, the main Diwali night. They pray her for joy and riches. This is the time to enjoy. Children let off fireworks. There is a burst of crackers. Diwali also marks the change of the year. Some merchants start a new financial year for keeping account books.
(5) Importance-Diwali is celebrated throughout the country. Even in foreign countries, Indians living there observe it and remember their motherland. People of all communities celebrate it. It is a festival of national importance. It helps in building national unity. '
(6) For all People-Diwali is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Children, youth and old, all alike feel freshness on commencement of Diwali. The rich and the poor all celebrate it as per their capacity. People forget their differences and greet one another.
(7) Conclusion-Some people gamble and drink wine on this day. This is a very bad custom: They should not do such a bad thing on such a good day. In short, Diwali is a festival of the rich and the poor alike. It is a national festival. It brings happiness to every home in India.

Diwali festival India Essay 250 words

1. Introduction: India is a land of fasts, feasts, fairs, and festivals. There is some fair or festival in every ninth throughout the year. They are mostly religious, social, national or seasonal Diwali is an important festival celebrated all over the country.
2. When and Why Celebrated: Diwali is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the month of Kartik when rains have ended. It marks the advent of winter when the harvest is ready to be reaped. It is said that Ram, the king of Ayodhya returned to his kingdom on this day after his victory over Ravan, the king of Lanka. So people welcomed him by lighting lamps in the city. People illuminate their houses and worship Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth in memory of the same.
3. Celebrations: This festival is celebrated with great Joy. People clean their houses, whitewash and decorate them. In the evening the earthen lamps, candlesticks and electric bulbs of different colours are lighted. Crackers are burnt. Goddess Laxmi is worshipped. Sweets are eaten. The merchants open new accounts-books for their business. Most of the people and children put on new clothes on this auspicious day.
People send greetings to their relatives and friends. ‘Diwali Milan’ is arranged to meet local friends and relatives who join to enjoy this festival. Usually, they forget their mutual enmity and embrace one another with hearty sentiments. Though this is a festival of the Hindus yet people of all communities of the country join in this celebration. Thus this festival increases the feeling of unity and brotherhood.
4. Conclusion: But there is a dark aspect too of this great festival. On this day many People gamble. Many times the fireworks result in accidents and children fall prey to burns, These fireworks are costly, and there is a huge wastage of money. If these evils are controlled, this festival brings the message of a happy future for all alike.

My favourite festival Diwali Essay

My favourite festival Diwali, Nowadays about all exam is asked your favourite festival. Here we shall learn, how to write a Diwali essay in English o paragraph on My favourite festival Diwali is a unique pageant celebrated by way of tens of millions of humans in India. The word Diwali is a Sanskrit compound, made from two simple phrases ‘deepa’, meaning light, and ‘avali’, meaning a row. So, actually, Deepavali is a pageant of lighting fixtures in which deep are arranged in a row. Diwali, which is also called Diwali, is the day of rejoicing and revelry, prayer, and devotion. In recent years, the custom of changing greeting playing cards on Deepavali has also come into practice.

Diwali is the holy festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated on the new moon day of Kartik. People do their house cleaning and panting. That's why we call it a festival of cleanliness. After four months of rain, the dirt is cleaned and cleaned. It is said that on this day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya on this day, after destroying the bananas and rachas of 14 years.

The beginning of this first-rate pageant is related to many legends and ideals. Consistent with some, there may be a historical occasion linked with Deepavali. King Vikramaditya, who turned into ruling in north India within the 1/3 century, defeated the invading Huns and'drove them in another country.
The victory in that war became celebrated by the people through lighting fixtures lamps and firing crackers. ‘ Human beings inside the north additionally agree with that that is the day on which Lord Rama lower back to Ayodhya after defeating demon king Ravana. This holy day is Celebrated each yr as Deepavali. Rama Rajya is celebrated with illumination. In addition to illumination, the worship of goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, also forms there most effective care for the monetary betterment of a small elite on the value of most of the people of the common people. Crucial a part of the festivities. Consistent with a legend, devas, and asuras, forgetting their eternal enmity, agreed to churn the ksheerasagara (milky ocean) in the hope 0f getting nectar so that there would be no Loss of life and anybody could come to be immortal. Many Precious things have been yielded by using the ocean and amongst them turned into Lakshmi. She became with the consent of all. Married to Lord Vishnu.
Deepavali, as found with the aid of A few, indicates the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi. They Provide unique worship to the circle of relatives money, purses, and jewellery. For south Indians, this is a festival celebrated particularly for carrying new garments after oil tub earlier than dawn at the holy day. People change sweets and greetings with each other. For Gujaratis and Marwaris, Deepavali is the day that marks the start of the brand new yr consistent with the Vikrama technology. The individuals of the mercantile community worship their account books and open new account books and ledgers and enter into new contracts for enterprise transactions. The Sikhs attach special importance to this festival.
The golden temple at Amritsar is lit wonderfully on Deepavali night time and heaps of Sikh devotees visit Amritsar to have a dip at darbar sahib Tank. , According to Jains, Diwali is a competition commemorated on the death anniversary of Lord Mahavira (founder of Jainism), who discarded his _ physical frame and attained nirvana in this day. The observance of the pageant varies from location to ‘ vicinity in our country, but new clothes, chocolates, and crackers are common to all. This is the only occasion when we discover people making merry anywhere. People of all castes and communities come on a commonplace platform and percentage the pleasure.
People celebrate the Diwali Festival of light fanfare.

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