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12th mp board general english book pdf


12th mp board general English book pdf

12th mp board general English book pdf questions and answers in easy language - free download of mp board class 12th English solution guide pdf ... spectrum textbook general English class 12th solution.

Free download UP board book box in the Hindi medium. Class 12 pdf free download (Hindi medium) with mp board books in easy language solution
The MP Board books are published by the State Board of Secondary Education  MP Board books are available for each subject and classes in PDF format.
MP Board Books Hull MP Board Syllabus for Class 12 11 and Class 10 Books

1.  Teach Me to Listen, Lord                Poet name- Anonymous.

Answer the following questions:

Q.1  what message do those who are our nearest give us?
Ans.Those people who are nearest to us give us this message that we should pay attention to them.

Q.3  Whom does the poet wish to trust?
Ans. The poet wishes to trust the inner voice that is, conscience.

Q.4 When does the poet wish to listen to the voice of God?
Ans. The poet wishes to listen to the voice of God almost all the time like when is busy or is in boredom when he is in certainty or doubt, or in noise or silence.

Q.5   What do you suppose the hopeless the forgotten the anguished want to tell us?  
Ans.  The hopeless, forgotten and anguished people want to tell us about their suffering and please to us to help them climb out of their miserable condition.

Q.6   How could be listening to one’s inner voice be helpful?
Ans. Listening to the inner voice warns us against a signal dead. It distinguishes between what is right and what is wrong. In this way listening to inner voice could help us.

Q.7   What is the overall mood of the poem?
Ans. The overall mood of the poem is of devotion to god, as it is a prayer to  God.    

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