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A Friend Who Came From the Sky 12th class M.P Board

2. A Friend Who Came From the Sky
Answer the following questions:

Q.1   What was Mini doing in the balcony?
Ans. Mini sat in her wheelchair. She was watching the children who were playing in the park.     

Q.2   What disability did she have?
Ans.Mini was a spastic girl. She was unable to control her hands and legs from birth.

Q.3  Why did the neighbourhood children not become friendly with her?
Ans.  The neighbourhood children were not friendly to her because she was spastic and they were busy with their own games and schools.

Q4    What was the ‘ball’ that fell in her lap?
Ans.       The ball that fell in her lap was actually a duck who came from the sky. It injured itself by the strong current wind.

Q.5    How did the bird react when Mni’s mother tried to pick up?
Ans.       When mini’s mother tried to pick the bird up. It nipped her hand.

Q.6    How was the bird fed?
Ans.       The bird was fed some mashed rice with milk and sugar with an ink- filler by opening its beak.

Q.13       Why do you think the bird refused to eat anything?
Ans.       The bird refused to eat anything because it was terrified.

Q.14 Why do you think Mini name the bird, “Mitra’?
Ans.       Mini had no friends she needed a friend very badly. When she found the bird to company her, she took it to be her friend, therefore, she named the bird ‘Mitra’.

Q.16  Describe the duck‘s farewell?      
Ans.  On the day of the duck’s farewell mini’s father took all the children and the duck to a nearby lake. the children lifted Mitra from mini’s lap and gently released hi, into the lake. He started swimming, shovelling the water with his beak. The children stood there for a long time, watching.
physical inability. The duck that is lame by an accident arrives and it changes the life of mini forever. All the children realize her agony her agony and become friendly with her.

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