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A Father’s Letter General English Class 12 M.P Board


          A Father’s Letter
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Answer the following questions :
Q.1    Why does the author choose this occasion to advise his son?
Ans.  The author chooses this occasion to advise his son because he is entering into school life. This can be considered as his first entrance into the world. Another important reason is that his health is now not good and he does not hope to live long.
Q.2    What happens if we prejudge people and future events?
Ans.  If we prejudge people and future events we anticipate evils most of the time as usually people process negative ideas only. This makes things worse for us.
Q.4    What is the best way to disarm hostility?
Ans.  The best way to disarm hostility is to avoid the faults that you see in others.
Q.5    What should we never despise anyone for?
Ans.  We should never despise anyone for anything that one cannot help.
Q.6   What is the main difference between play mates and schoolmates?
Ans.  The main difference between playmates and schoolmates is that schoolmates are with us in the school as well as in the playground but playmates are there with us only with during the play
Q.7   What is the author’s opinion on things and people, we get to see and know?
Ans.  The writer says that we should not be prejudiced about the things and people we are yet to see.
Q.8    What, according to the author does contempt imply?
Ans.  According to the author, contempt Implies triumph over and pleasure in the ill of another. It means that you are glad and congratulate yourself on others' failings and misfortune.
Q.9    What is the difference between life at home and life at school?
Ans.  Life at home is very comfortable you might do as you please. But at school there or in the outside world you will find competitors at every turn that you have to defeat to stay ahead.

Q.10 Explain, “True equality is the only true morality or true wisdom”.
Ans.  This world is full of people who are competing hard with each other. People try to get ahead of other by hook or by crook. Truly moral people believe in equality and this is true wisdom. Truly moral people consider all equal to each other. 

Q.11 How does school life prepare a child to face the outside world?
Ans.  School life teaches a child to share his fate and settle his differences amicably with others. In this way the school life prepares a child to face the outside world.

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