Problem of Drinking Water essay in English

The problem of Drinking Water essay in English

Drinking water problem

Today the whole world is struggling with the problem of drinking water. Today we see how much drinking water is in the world. We see around the world how many ways water is polluted. The hydrosphere occupies 71% of the Earth. Saline water is not usable as drinking water.

There is the erosion of metals in salty flavored water. And it is impure to man. In this water, unhealthy substances dissolve. Since these elements are very difficult to extract from water, we must extract new sources of water.

Saline Water standing like a tub or toilet tank can appear gray or black. Water has a metallic taste. In this water, manganese is dissolved by the surrounding turbulence.

Water that is initially .clear ', but produces brown, orange or red-dish stains or sediment, is not potable. Iron dissolves in such water. To purify oxidation filters of such water to high concentrations' should be used.

If the water is turbulent, cloudy or dirty, it is not good for drinking purposes. This condition can arise from oxidized metals. For such water, the possible solution is a cartridge or spoiled element filtration or multilevel media filtration.

If there is an oily film that floats on water, it is harmful for human consumption. The common cause of this 1s inclusion of a wide variety of substances such as fuel, motor oil, lubricating oil, cooking oil, animal-derived fats and the like. Decomposition of natural.

Organic material. Ongoing testing is required. Determine the frequency of replacing the carbon in the filter. To solve the problem at the ground level, atmospheric pollution should be reduced and river water should be made pollution-free.

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