My India in 2050 Essay in English 200 Words

My India in 2050 Essay in English 200 Words

My India in 2050 Essay
India is fully geared up at the beginning of the twenty-fu-st century to meet a glorious future. Under the dynamic ' leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi country is leaping forward firmly. He has brought about a sea-change 1n the attitude and aspirations of the countrymen. He has developed result orient work culture.

Now at the helm of affairs, we in India can look forward to comfortable and settled life by the year 2050.

Up to that very time poverty in the country will have _ been minimized, if .not completely abolished, Every citizen of the land, irrespective of his caste, colour, 'sex or religion will be entitled to the basic facilities of life. Such facilities will include free universal education, employment, housing, health, and medicare.

Up to that time the state will take upon itself as its duty to look after every citizen from cradle to grave, and n return will expect us all \ to put our best' foot forward for the betterment and progress of the nation. No quarter will be given to shirkers or antisocial elements in any sphere of life. Workers will get their rightful due when we step into the years of 2050. They will no longer be dependent upon the mercy and short shift to Callous employers or politicalized' unions. They will be equal partners in the progress of industry; We hope at that span of time there will be no place for strikes, lockouts, and gheraos in ours. national life.

In the field of agriculture, higher productivity and diversification from cereals to oilseeds is a must. Recent advances in the field of sciences and technology must be fully utilized With “continued emphasis on self-reliance and technological upgradation. Reforestation and steps to stem mounting environmental pollution will be among our major national priorities. My India in 2050 Essay in English 200 Words

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