A railway journey essay in english or an essay journey by Train

 1. Introduction: I found a chance  travelling by national rail A railway journey is always interesting. It gives much pleasure. It brings a change in life. We get a chance of meeting many persons. I also got a chance. My journey from  Morena to Bhopal. When I was traveling, I saw many places through train’s window and met many persons who were traveling a railway journey with me. There I saw many rich persons but some poor too. They were traveling railway journey 


.2. Occasion: It was the period of summer vacations. My middle school examination was over. It was the month of May. My elder brother was going to Bhopal. He served there. So he planned that I also went with him. Really it was an occasion of much interest and pleasure, for me After reached to the station we want to know about our train’s timetable. So we moved to national rail inquiries. .




3. Rush at booking Window: The taxi took us to the railway station There was great of a rush at booking window. Really it was very troublesome to buy our tickets. Anyhow, the booking clerk issued the tickets at a fast speed. We also bought our tickets. We felt satisfied and pleased.



.4 The scene at platform: many passengers was present at the platform most of them waiting for the train. The coolies also sat here and there. The hawkers were crying and selling their things. We went to a tea stall and took tea. I bought a magazine from the bookstall Soon after the train arrived and we got into a compartment. 



.5. Description of the Journey: Really, it was a fine journey. There was much rush in the compartment. There were men, women, and children. Some persons were talking together. Some persons were resting. I was busy reading magazines. It was pleasant to see the passing trees and houses. It was equally pleased to see a natural beauty. The sky was clean with sunny and the green fields of vegetables all gave me much pleasure.  Soon Jhansi Junction reached. We again had tea. After four hours we reached Bhopal. We came out of our compartment. We had not much luggage After handing over our tickets to the ticket collector we came out. We hired a taxi and reached the residence of my brother.


. 6 Conclusion: I cannot forget that journey. Really it was a very pleasant journey with my elder brother. He loves me very much. I thank him. He gives me a chance for that journey. I really enjoyed that it.

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