A short Essay Dowry Problem

The problem of dowry is a big problem in society. The problem of dowry in a civilized society is a curse. Nowadays the dowry problem is increasing so we can say that the dowry problem is the cause of feticide and dowry death. Many suicides due to the controversy over the dowry problem every day.

1- Indian culture is an old culture. Since ancient times people have given many gifts for girls during a marriage. That was his hobby. But nowadays there are a lot of dowries in our society. Nobody gets married to their child without the dowry. India is facing various social and religious problems like caste system, untouchability, child marriage and dowry system, etc. Out of which dowry system is a very serious threat to our age-old society. Nowadays we Often hear, read in newspapers and see on television about deaths of innocent girls burning of brides, and direct bargaining 1n marriages There are many social organizations which are trying to fight against this problem spite of this the problem of dowry is increasing day by day. The poor, and middle-class parents of the daughter, are facing the problem with too much mental tension, stress, and financial burden.

2- Hindus marriage: Nowadays the bride side bears the heaviest burden. it has not only cared for the guests and relatives of its side, but it also has to pay special attention to the Baratier. These people behave-themselves as V V I, P.’s and the Bride side has to bear all their coquetry. Up to. some extent it is well-to entertain the guests. But Sometimes it goes too far, ends in bitterness and strains in relations.

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3- What is Dowry: Dowry is the money articles or any other thing Which 1s provided by, the parents of the bride on demand of bridegroom 5 parents. There may bargain 1n dowry Some persons consider ‘dowry’ as a gift from. bride’s parents. But in an actual sense, it is not a gift as someone demands it. According to law, it is totally prohibited. There is an act to punish those persons who give or take a dowry.

4- Causes behind it: There are several factors responsible for it. The root cause of dowry the system is the social status of woman in India. They have no right in the property of their parents. So at the time of marriage, someone supports parents to arrange and give necessary articles for a new family. Originally dowry was given according to the wishes and capacity of the bride’s parents, but nowadays dowry has become a necessity. Nowadays this  problem is on increase because of the following reasons:
(i) The money-mindedness of son’s father 1s the basic cause The demand for his dowry goes higher and higher with the higher post and position his son.
(ii) The want of education has increased the seriousness of the problem. If it educates both girls and boys, it may expect a social change in their outlook of marriage.

(iii) There is no effective legal ban on existing dowry system. It demands dowry and accepted both in cash and kind with no fear of punishment: The present legislation is inadequate.
5- Its Remedies: it gives Suggestions in the following lines as remedies to the serious problem of dowry:
(i) A legal ban should be applicable it must regard Dowry as a serious crime. Someone must give severe punishment to those who break the law of dowry
(ii) The  In-laws of the newly married girl must be taken to task 1f a girl dies, or is put to death within a period seven years after her marriage

. (iii) Both boys and girls should get such real and higher education which could inspire them to marry without dowry

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A short Essay Dowry Problem  in India in English
6- Conclusion: Since the last many years, it performs several trials to remove this bad system but like cancer, dowry system day by day increases It is very dangerous to our society. This bad system is eradicated completely only when bride in-laws and bridegroom in-laws combinedly will be successful to end this system. Government and society both have to start a strong anti-dowry revolution. It is a need to protect our country from