Meditation | How to we used it for benefits



Meditation | How to we used it for benefits meditation practice is a type of practice which we can our mind employed in psychology to alleviate mental and physical conditions, such as reducing depression, stress, and anxiety. If we use meditation’s practice daily fifteen to half an hour we can free of mindfulness is also used in the treatment of drug addiction. Studies demonstrate that meditation has a moderate effect to reduce pain.

The ultimate challenge is to make your mind calm. And the ultimate solution is meditation In today ’s age every second person recommends meditation to the first! And for a student, there can’t be a more powerful technique to improve long term performance in studies. 

Calm mind, better retention. Better health, focus, and concentration are the obvious benefits. You will realise the benefits, as your practice includes a general sense of well being and happiness and spiritual growth The “mood” problem can be taken care of by this way- meditation. ‘ 

There are many types of meditation. The simplest is, of course, focussing on breathing. Since your breath is always with you, it can be done anytime, any place. But the best is to settle down in a cool place that has dim light and ‘is relatively quiet, 

You must focus all your attention on your breathing. Observe your breath as it comes in and goes out. You will see that your mind will tend to wander a lot but soon you will be able to bring it back on breathing. Don’t obstruct thoughts, let them go off. All you need to do is to keep your focus on breathing. 

When you try this initially, you’ll see how difficult it is to do But soon, you’ gain mastery over it and who knows you might end up has a Zen master or a sputum guru.