Blood Donation Camp Notice writing in an easy way

Blood Donation Camp Notice-Write a notice for inviting volunteers for blood donation camp as the school captain write a notice about a blood donation camp to be held in your school. Your school is organising a blood donation camp on 14 June in association with Red Cross Society of India. Write a notice giving essential details about the same


Govt. H.S School Morena

. Blood Donation Camp in School

10th June, 20.….

Our school is organising a ‘Blood Donation Camp’ on 14″ June, 20…… in the school campus in association with the Red Cross Society of India. The students of class XI and XII, teachers and staff who wish to donate blood should carry their blood group report. In addition to this, students must have their parent’s consent letter. The timings are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the school dispensary. For further information, you may contact the undersigned.

Sameer (Head Boy)




Blood Donation Camp

25 Sep. 20….

All students are Informed that Our school is organising a Blood donation camp. On 25 Sep. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A healthy person can donate blood every three months. Without any harm to his body. It is a very noble cause. All are requested to Volunteer themselves in this humanitarian task. Certificates will be awarded to the donors by the school.
Prem Awasthi

Head Boy

Is it good to exercise before giving blood?

It is not necessary to exercise before giving blood. Take special care of some things before donating blood

  • Workout or exercise in the gym on the next day of blood donation is not right. First, let the blood circulation in the body become normal. Workout only after that
  • The donor should not consume beedi or cigarette for 24 hours before donating blood. Also, avoid smoking for up to three hours after donating blood.
  • A nutritious diet should be taken after about three hours of blood donation. In such a situation, if you eat sweet fruits, it will be better.
  • Eating junk food immediately after donating blood is not considered good for the body. For this, consult a doctor and eat good food.
  • Do not think about donating blood for about 48 hours after drinking alcohol. The elements present in alcohol have an adverse effect on the body of the person taking blood.
  • It is also important to take care of your body while donating blood. Please tell that no more than 471 mL of blood can be taken from the body at one time.
  • Any healthy person can donate blood. Men can donate blood once in three months, while women can donate blood once in four months.
Blood Donation Slogans (Blood Donation Quotes in English)
  • Blood donation Mahadan, nothing more than this.
  • The value of life should be understood only by those who donate blood at the right time.
  • Donating one bottle of blood, donating one life.
  • Donate blood to someone else on your birthday.
  • You have a bottle of blood, a smile on the face of a poor family.
  • Every blood donor is the protector of life.
  • Donate blood, turn the grief of one’s family into happiness.
  • Neither will it be from wealth nor wealth, virtue will be by blood donation.
  • Let’s adopt blood donation in life, save every life.
  • Blood is needed for life with blessings, let’s donate blood.
  • Take initiative from village to village, cooperate in blood donation.
  • There is no value of blood or any weight, it is life-giving to the dying.
  • The true hero is called the one who donates blood.
  • Donate blood, be the pride of the country.
  • Blood donation is proof of public service.
  • There is an expectation of life in every drop of blood, donate blood now.
  • If you love your loved ones, then donate blood now.
  • Saves life also brings happiness in life, one of your blood donation.
  • First, donate blood and then get the most respect.

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