Car accident in Hyderabad- Report writing

Car accident in Hyderabad- Reporting Writing in 150 Words

You are Kamesh Kumar living in Hyderabad, you see A Car accident at AS Rao Nagar Chowk in Hyderabad. write a report on a road accident you witnessed while coming to school. The report should between100 to 150 words

Car accident in Hyderabad Report writing

Car accident in Hyderabad. A 56-year-old woman was killed early this morning when her car collided head-on with a lorry carrying automobile parts near AS Rao Nagar chowk. I saw that the lorry was coming from the wrong side and hit the car head-on, thereby completely crushing it and killing the woman instantly. Police had to use cutters to take the body out.

As soon as the lorry driver realised what had happened, he fled, abandoning his vehicle. The police have registered a case of death due to rash and negligent driving against the driver and have notified the woman’s family.


Truck Hits Maruti, One Dead 

New Delhi, 16th September, 200…                                             (From our staff reporter Mohan)

A serious accident took place near Naraina in which a truck bearing Registration No. DLI023, D 4573 suddenly jumped the red light and turned to the right.
It was about to collide with a Maruti car Registration No. DLJ 012, J 1572, but the driver was very smart and careful. He saw the impending danger and took a turn to the left, but could not escape fully. The Truck hit the Maruti and lost its balance and hit the wall in the right. The truck was overturned causing a serious injury to the passengers sitting in the cabin. The driver was thrown out and his head struck against the wall and died on the spot. The three passengers sitting in the cabin of the truck were badly injured, two suffered minor injuries. The Maruti driver got minor injuries. The traffic came to a standstill. The injured were removed to the hospital. Police rushed to the spot and a case was lodged against the Truck driver.


You are Rohan residing at 12 Roop Rang Colony, Damoh, M. p. you have witnessed an accident. Write a report on a road accident you witnessed report for a newspaper in 100 words about the accident using the following details

(1) where, when and how did the accident happen; (2) people, the vehicle involved, loss of life and property; (3) the scene of the accident, details of casualties-deaths, injured hospitalized. Conclude with the negligence of the commuters, suggestions to the government and people.

Report Writing on Road Accident for class 12

Damoh, M. P. From Rohan Agarwal

12 Roop Rang Colony ©~ 7th July 20…………

A very fatal accident took place at Damoh-Bhopal Road at 12 P.M. It was a serious and sudden collision between a lorry and a Maruti car. The Maruti car was running at high speed. It was coming from Bhopal while the lorry containing 40 passengers took a sudden turn and collided with the car. The Maruti car struck directly in the mouth of the lorry. The driver breathed his last on the spot. The other persons of the Maruti were seriously injured. The passengers sitting in the lorry got a heavy jerk and some of them were

seriously injured. Three of them died. The driver of the lorry was also injured. The police rushed to the spot. The victims were taken to the hospital. It was a serious accident. The lorry was overloaded. The commuters were negligent. They pressed the conductor for riding the overloaded lorry. People should be aware and the government strictly should take steps against overloading.


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