Character sketch of Helen Keller 

Character sketch of Helen Keller – When we describe the character sketch of Helen Keller, our heart is filled with compassion for them. character sketch of Helen Keller inspires us that in no trouble should we not leave the hope of living. Hellen Keller had turned totally blind, deaf and dumb when she was only 19 months old. She faced the odds of life bravely and with determination. She considered it a blessing if each human being ‘turned blind and deaf for a few days during his early adult life. Darkness would make him more appreciative of sight. Silence would teach him the joys of sound.

‘ She asked a lady what she had observed .in the woods. She got the reply ‘Nothing in particular’. She felt surprised. She herself found hundreds of things to interest her through mere touch They gave her pleasure. She longed to have her eyesight restored for three days.


On the first day, she would like to see those persons who had made her life worth living. Her teacher was Mrs. Anne Sullivan Macy. She would outline’ her face to cherish it in her memory. She had enabled her to stand firm in the face of difficulties. She would also’ see all her dear friends and assess their inner beauty. ‘She would also observe the innocent beauty of a baby. She would also like to see the trusting and faithful eyes of her dog. She would also like to see her household goods especially the printed books. She would see the natural beauty in the woods and the horses plowing the fields and the contented farmers.
On the second day, she would view the panorama of light at sunrise. She would have a glimpse of the past and the present progress of mankind. She would see the artistic beauty. She would see the actions of the actors in a theatre or cinema hall.
On the third day, she would view the revelation of beauty at dawn. She would see the working people in the city and the godly structures. I shall show my emotions by viewing the people’s smiles, determination, and suffering. Again she would run to a team and appreciate the music of a funny play. Then the permanent darkness would make me realize how much. I had left unseen.