Communal harmony in india-Religious harmony in India is an idea that demonstrates that there is love, warmth in the middle of various religions in India. The Indian constitution underpins and empowers religious harmony. In India, each resident has an option to pick and practice any religion. India is known for mutual agreement which must be kept up. Public congruity is the sign of vote based system in a nation
Introduction -India is a secular State. Secular means non-religious, but in Indian polity, it means the Co-existence of all religions with no kind of discrimination. Though our constitution safeguards for the minorities, the actual implementations of the provisions are complex. I generally know Indian people for their non-violence, tolerance, brotherhood characters, that is why a number of religion has flourished in Indian society.
Past Scenario– During the struggle for independence, several reformers and freedom fighters were committed to modernising the religious practices in India but I see nowadays what? Communal violence has become the order of the day. The socio-economic backwardness, illiteracy, poverty of the vast population of our country, both Hindus and Muslims, have always remained a fertile ground for fanaticism, and communal hatred. In India, throughout the past century, communal forces have tried to capture the ‘ political centre stage. ‘
Effects -All groups, whether Hindu or Muslim, which encourage narrow communal identities are adding to the problem. The reality 13 that real people’s identities are fluid and complex, while the project of ethnic nationalism requires the construction of narrow identities, and then the use of those identities to mobilise people. In this way, the innocent encouragement of religious identity can be part of a process which culminates in violence. The religious right 1n India exploits to a great extent its multiple faces, from the more respectable to the more extreme. The key point to recognise is that the differences between the organisations are tactical rather than ideological.
 Conclusion-In a country like India, with so much plurality and diversity, talking of Hindu state, or Hindustan for Hindus, shall be a dangerous sign, against the well established, secular fabric of Indian Constitution. The unsecular forces organisations must keep 1n mind that communalising India will bring horror 1n the country and the people will eat other and time is near that We will be again under foreign rule. For the survival of the: country, secularism has to survive for the survival of secularism, religious friendship togetherness and tolerance is a must. Communalism can only destroy the unity and integrity f the nation it can’t help in creating friendship, rate
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