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Cow Essay in English for kids & students

Essay on cow in English class 4,5,6,7

How to the cow is useful for us.?

Long and Short Essay on Cow in English for School Children and Students for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. It is a useful paragraph, long and short essay for your Kids, Children, and Students.
Essay on theCow- Cow is a very useful pet domestic animal. People keep her at home for many purposes. It is a four-legs female animal. It has a large body, two horns, two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, one head, a big back, and stomach.

Cows are one of the most innocent animals who are very harmless. People keep cows at their homes for various benefits. We will discuss  In this Essay on Cow How to the cow is useful for us.

Cow Essay in English for class 4,5,6,7

Outliners– Introduction, 2. Her body, 3. Her food, 4-. Her habits, 5. Her usefulness, .6. Conclusion.

l. introduction-Among our animal friends, the cow holds a very high rank. Not only in India but also in, Egypt, she is worshipped as a mother. It is because she has served mankind the countless centuries as dairy cattle and as an indirect helper of agriculture and some of the important industries.

. 2. Her body– The cow is a wide-spread domestic animal. Everybody must have seen it. It is generally two or three cubits high and four m Eve cubits long. She has a heavier body and shorter leg than a horse Her hoofs arc cloven. She has a long tail with a switch of hair at the end. Cows are of various colours. They may be white. ‚black, brown, spotted or brindled.All_the cows have no front
teeth in the upper jaw. On the whole, a cow; puts on the fair appearance

3. Her food– Cows are by nature grazers. A healthy eats 150 lb of grass in a day. They are also fed upon straw, grains and oil cakes. The cows in U. S. ‘A. are given adequate amount of protein, calcium, and vitamins to eat. The cow swallows her food and at the time of rest, she coughs it back and chews it. It is digested by other the third and fourth chambers.

. 4. The habits– The cow is usually a peaceful and gentle animal. It does not attack anybody. But if someone goes near her calf, a mother cow shows her bad temper to protect it. Cows love their master as well. Their love for them sometimes becomes so strong that they refuse to eat if taken away from them.

5. Her Usefulness-The uses of the cow are many and various. For our health, she gives us milk which contains almost all vitamins and it the most nourishing food for all. For agriculture, she gives her calves which are hitched to a plough, draw our carts and helps the farmer enormously in the farm work. Most of our shoes, purses, and suitcases are made from her excellent hide. The best combs are made from the glue which is found in her horns. Thus every part of the cow is useful to a man.

. 6. Conclusion– The cow is a great benefactor of mankind, yet,
she is slaughtered for meat in almost all countries. Even in India

where Lord Krishna gave her the most dignified place, she is sadly neglected. It is nothing but our barbarism. The cow must be saved if we ‚want to. save ourselves.

Essay on cow in English class 4,5,6,7and 10th in 300 word

Introduction– The cow is given mother status in Indian culture. The cow gives milk twice a day. Nutritious milk of cow provides a very important contribution to get our food requirements.

Cows are found in almost every region of the world. People raise cows to get fresh and healthy milk. It is an important and useful domestic animal. A cow is a pet. All its things are considered sacred and useful. Cow milk, ghee, curd, cow dung, and cow urine are considered very useful in worship works.

Cow dung is also used as fuel and manure. The cow is considered a sacred animal. Various objects of Cow is used prominently in worship in Hinduism. The cow usually likes to eat grass while walking, she does not like to eat grass while standing in one place. Along with this, cow urine is a very useful item to get rid of many diseases.
Use of cow

Cows eat green grass, grains, foods, fodder and other things. First, she chews the food well then skulls it. Its big horn protects it and its children. Sometimes it even attacks people with its horn to defend itself. The cow’s gestation period is about 9 months after which she gives birth to her calf. A cow gives birth to a calf or a calf. If it is a calf, it grows up and works like an ox, and if the calf grows, it grows up and works as a milch animal in the form of a cow. People use oxen to plow the fields and run bullock carts. The bull is a capital for the farmers as it is very useful in farming.

Cow’s milk makes us strong and healthy. It strengthens our immune system against infections and various types of diseases. It helps to increase our immunity. If we consume it regularly then our mind will be sharp and memory will be strong.

The conclusion

We always respect the cow. We are very kind to her. Cow slaughter is considered a major sin in Hinduism. Cow slaughter is banned in many countries. Indians worship cows and use their products on many holy occasions. Cow dung can be used as a very good fertilizer for better growth of seasonal crops to increase its level of fertility. Along with this, after death, cow leather is used for making shoes, bags, purses, etc. and its corpses are used for making things like combs, buttons, knife knives.