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Essay on Cricket match, -Cricket is a popular game in the world. There are many types of cricket matches like the test match, one-day match and IPL match. First-class cricket is full of swim in India nowadays. You can see it everywhere in India. India enjoys an honourable position in the world of cricket. Our country has produced many skilled cricketers.

It organizes international ’ competitions. These days cricket has become most popular throughout the world. People watch the live telecast of these matches with great interest. Children are fond of information about cricket and its law. The most important thing is that this is a common topic that students can take as a topic to write an essay in the contest of Cricket Match essay writing

Cricket Match Essay in English in 300 Words

1.Introduction to a cricket match: Cricket is the most famous sport nationally and internationally. Its game-like to play in India. first-class Cricket is very famous in younger. It is a famous game in India that is played with a bat and ball. There are two teams in this game and each team has 11-11 players. It is played by the two teams for the same goal of the number of runs and the highest score achieved. In it, the team is the winner, who has the highest run at the end of the game. central place’ which is called ‘pitch’ and it is played around it.

2. My Favorite Game: In our school-also due importance is given to the various games and sports. I am also interested in playing volleyball and cricket. But cricket is my favourite game. It has elected me as captain of the school cricket team because I am an all-rounder. I am skilled in batting, bowling, and fielding. I always try to give suitable guidance to the players on my team;
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3. The Occasion of the match: The Teams and Venue: In November last a cricket match arranged between our school team and the National School team. They played the match in the Bhimrao Ambedkar Stadium of our city many spectators and students saw the match Since it was Sunday.

4. Arrivals of the teams: Both teams reached the playground in time. All the players were present in their uniforms. The umpires were also present. and scorers had taken their positions. First of all, we won the toss and batted. The opposite team captain spread up his fielding on the playground. The students were keen to see and enjoy the match.

5. The description of the match: It was Sunday A one-day cricket match organized. The match began at 8:30 A.M. It was being played in the Bhimrao Ambedkar Stadium Morena. They started the match. Our team captain and Praveen started the match as the opening batsman.

They scored runs at a fast rate. After two hours they caught our captain out. He had made eighty runs. Praveen had scored fifty runs when he became a run-out. All players played well and in 50 over our team had scored 250 runs for 6 wickets. The bowlers of the opposite team worked hard but our team scored a big total. After this at 11 30 am. Lunch break” had given to the players.

At 12 .00 pm’. the match again started. Now our team bowled the opening batsman. Our fast bowlers got an early breakthrough and both Opening batsmen became bold out with a score of 10 runs. After Thyssen batsman scored at a fast rate. But our bowlers forced them to end the innings with a score of 210 runs for 10 wickets, in 48.3 overs. We won the match by 40 runs.

6. Conclusion: Thus we win the match. It was a happy end of the match. All the students returned to their homes. They were talking gladly about the match. Cricket is really a game of courage and promptness. The player should be always watchful and careful otherwise the team will be in a loss.

A cricket match essay 250 words

A cricket match essay 250 words for 7,8,9th classes students

(1) Introduction-Games are very essential in our life. A proverb says that ‘A sound mind lives in a sound body’. Gandhiji wanted that games must form a part of our education. Games develop good qualities like a brotherhood, co-operation, and teamwork in us.

(2) Kinds of Games-There are many kinds of games. We can choose any game suitable for us. Some are outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hockey, etc. Some are indoor games like Table-tennis, Badminton, etc.

(3) My favourite Game-I play many games such as Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, etc., but I like most playing cricket. Since my childhood, I have liked this game. My father had bought me a bat and a ball. I used to hit the ball while others threw it towards me. When I grew up I played with the boys of my mohalla. All praised my batting.

(4) The reason for my choice-My father was a very good player of cricket in his school days. A number of cups and medals and some beautifully framed certificates in his drawing-room have been watering my mouth for years. And now when I have come of age, I have Opted for this game. I have become a fan of cricket and it is a part of my life now.

(5) How is the game played ?-It is a game of two teams? Each team has eleven players. When one team plays, the other fields. Besides the players, there are two umpires whose decision is final and binding on both the teams. Then there are two scorers to keep a record of the entire game. The team with a big score of runs wins the match.

(6)  Matches-Cricket is played at state, national and international levels. Several tournaments are arranged. Its commentary is relayed on radio and telecast on TV. channels. I often watch these matches on TV.

(7) A Match in our school-There was a grand cricket match at our school. Our team invited the team of Anand H. S. S. No. 1. The match was arranged for Sunday. The Principal invited many guests. The match was fixed for 35 overs. Our team won the toss and invited the opposite team to bat. Abdul Aziz and Rajesh of the other team started the match. Abdul Aziz scored 10 runs and was l.b.w. out. Baldev Singh was our bowler. I took 2 Wickets by-catches. All the players of the opposite team were out in 32

Overs. They scored 120 runs. Then our team started batting. I made 22 runs We made, 121 runs in 33 overs losing 8 wickets. Thus we won the match The play 0f the opposite team was also very good. However, we were not proud of our Victory as you know that “Cricket is by chance. ”

 (8) Conclusion-India has borne many good cricketers. She has been given “Test status” and Test Matches are played in India as well Cricket provides fine sport for all and is considered to be a noble game usually played with perfect honesty and fairness

Essay on cricket match in English for 12th class

l. introduction-Cricket has become a very popular game. It has become an international game. The matches played are show matches, test matches, one-day international matches and matches played on some special occasion. Sometime back it was hockey in which were the best players. Nowadays it is cricket. Because of the spread Of TV Stations, cricket has become more popular. People watch the live telecast of these matches with great interest.

2. The Match Played by Us-Last Sunday we played a match of limited-overs with the team of H.S.S. No. 1. It was played on our ground. Both the captains decided to play the match for 30 overs. I was one 0f the players on my team. Our Captain won the toss and invited .the’ opposition side to the hat. The match started at 9.30 am. There was great excitement on both sides. We took positions in the field. We were in high spirits.

We had two fast bowlers with us. The opening two batsmen were out caught. Their score was 131 runs at the fall of the sixth wicket. Then their captain came; he was a very nice batsman and he made 52 runs. The Score now reached 200 runs When their score was 212 runs, 30 overs were completed with 2 wickets m their hand. It was lunchtime.

After half an hour we started batting and the opposite team took to fielding. Mahesh Yadav and Paresh Agarwal were the first to go in. They played steadily. They scored 17 runs in twenty-five minutes. Both proved good batsmen. The score stood at 30 when Paresh was caught in slips, I took his place. I did my best. Soon the score rose to fifty-seven but then Mahesh was bowled out. Jagjit took his place, we both put up a good show. The score went on mounting. The spectators cheered us. We hit the ball len and right and scored boundaries. The score was 115 when I was declared LBW out.

Our score was 160 at the fall of the sixth wicket. Then came our captain Kedar. He scored 30 runs and on the 28th over the scoreboard showed 200 runs. Now in 12 balls, we had to make 13 runs to win the match. The opposite team tightened the field and it was difficult to make runs. We had to make 9 runs in 6 balls. The score when the last ball was to be bowled, was 211.

There was great excitement. Our hearts were throbbing, victory or defeat? The batsman who had to face the ball was a bowler. We prayed to God. The ball was bowled and oh! There was a miracle. The batsman hit the ball and it was a boundary. Our score stood 215 against their 212 and we had two wickets in hand.

3. Conclusion-‘Cricket by chance’ goes the saying. And this proved in this case. The opposite team also played very well. The prizes were distributed. One of my best friends Sudeep Negi was declared ‘Man of the Match.’. The Principal and the chief guest congratulated us. We went home happily, My parents and other friends and members of my family became very happy. However, my father did not forget to give me the advice, ‘Pay some attention to your studies also.

Short essay on Cricket match

Introduction: Cricket is the most popular game in India. Last year, our
college team played a cricket match against the team of Mahatma Gandhi Inter College.

Description: The Cricket match started on time. Mr Omvir Singh and Mohd. Aziz acted as umpires. Our captain, Ram Nath Sharma, won the toss. He decided to bat first. He along with Raju opened the innings. Both the players played very well. They scored fifty runs. The captain was given run out by the umpire. After his departure, Raju could not stay for long. He was caught behind the wicket. The bowlers of the opposite team bowled so well, that the whole team was out for two hundred runs only.

Now, our team took the field. The opposite team came to bat. Our bowlers bowled so fiercely that the batsmen of the opposite team were dismissed one after the other. The whole team was out for one hundred eighty runs only. The captain of the opposite team tried his best to avoid defeat, but could not do so and seemed disappointed.

Conclusion: In this way, our team won the match. Everybody praised our captain, who batted and bowled very well.

Essay on an exciting cricket match

Introduction-Cricket is very popular in India. I am also fond of cricket and also like watching cricket matches. Once I saw an interesting match.

It was the final match of the district tournament. It was played between the Youth Club and the Evergreen Club. There was a good crowd to watch the match on the ground.

First Inning-The Youth club won the toss and decided to bat first. Their openers Om Kumar and Rajesh Singh started batting. They are good batsmen. The bowler was Ramvaran. He bowled well and in the third Over got Om Kumar caught out. The score was 20. Then Rajesh Singh and Raman played slowly about 2 over. They scored 30 in 7 overs. When Raman was clean-bowled and Ramesh came to bat.

Ramesh and Rajesh played fast. On 80 another wicket fell. Ramesh and Raju now batted the final score of 128 for 3. All the wickets were taken by Ramvaran. 

Second inning-After lunch, the match resumed, Now, the Jawahar club started batting. Their start Was no good. In three overs they lost three wickets. Then Suresh and Ramesh Came to bat. The played very cautiously. In 15th overs they had made 50 runs when Ramesh was out LBW NOW Jitendra came to bat with Suresh. They took the total to 80 for 4.

Conclusion-Now Raman came to bat. He is an all-rounder. He hit a six and a four in the same Over They made 100 in 30 overs In 31St over they both got run out. The rest of the players could not do much. The team was out for 125 runs. They lost the match by three runs.

The winners have presented the trophy. They were cheered by the crowd. Raman Was adjudged the best bowler. It was really a thrilling match.

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