Delhi Red Fort: A Finest historical monument Essay


Introduction- The Delhi Red Fort was a historical monument. Its Establishment: 1639 to 1648 was by the fifth Mughal empire Sharjah. The Red Fort Delhi Architectural styles is Mughal and it is spread over an area 254.67 acres. This historical monument has completely built of red stones therefore its name being Red Fort.

This fort represents the creativity of the reign of Mughal ruler Shahjahan. It built this fort according to Muslim traditions and models. We have replicas of the Muslim palace in the Red Fort and the image of the Persian tradition in the Red Fort Delhi.



Delhi red fort history – Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal empire until about 1857, for 200 years. During the Mughal regime, the Delhi Red Fort was in the form of the main fort. After the fall of the Mughals, the Red Fort of Delhi was under Britisher control. The British used this fort as a prison. Many revolutionaries were kept in this prison by the British during the freedom struggle.


The historical importance of building- A lot of tourists come here to see this historical place throughout the year. Diwane-Khas and Diwan-e-Aam are the two main places of attraction. In the former, Emperor held his court (Durbar) here. It called the royal Durbar, where the Emperor took important decisions. It meant the latter for the Emperor to hear the complaints of the common people. Now Every year the Prime Minister of India addresses vast crowds in celebration of the Independence Day from the Fort ramparts.

The finest architecture of the Mughal dynasty – Fort – This fort is built by blocks of red stone. It is a unique example of Mughal architecture. It stirs the imagination. It reminds us of the great Mughal empire with a grand display of Mughal power. It is also a witness to the civilization of a great medieval India. It also tells the story of the decline of the Mughal Empire. It tells us about the invasion of Nadir Shah and Adilshah, the attack of Rohilla, Sikhs and Marathas and the defeat of Bahadur Shah Zafar against the East India Company.


A witness of many thrilling scenes-The Red Fort unfolds in our mind’s eye many thrilling scenes, romantic and historical. Figures of Shahjehan and his queen, the figure of Aurangzeb, the figures of the princes of Rajputana and Maratha chiefs pass before our eyes. We hear: the great poet Ghalib is reciting his deathless poems. The Fort also reminds us that the trial of the fighters of the Indian National Army of Netaji was held here in which Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru appeared as a counsel.



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