Democracy is the best form of government essay writing in 500 Words

Democracy is the best form of government-According to Abraham Lincoln. Democracy is a government of the people, ” for the people and by the people.” Democracy is globally accepted as the best governance. It is a social order aiming at the greatest good of the greatest number. These days Democracy has accepted in the whole world.
According to Plato. Democracy is that government of the majority
as a result of which the minority. Democracy is the government of the majority. It’s the result of which the minority gets sidelined. Yet, in the present day and age, no system more modern than democracy. India is a democratic country. India is a democratic country Here the power lies in the hands of the people. This power is transferred to our representatives through elections. So elections are an important event in our country. These are: held every five years for legislative assemblies as well as for the parliament. In the democracy, any individual who has proffered the status of an ‘adult’ by the State can vote for his representative. This system was first invented by the city-states in Greece. Yet, the votes of women, a large proportion of the population was not taken account. Today, the democracy stands for equality and the votes of every individual who has achieved adult franchise can vote. Besides, it is the form of governance that best guarantees the most active participation of the governed in the governance.
There are two kinds of democracy  Direct and Indirect. In Switzerland, there is direct democracy. where the head of the State elected by the people In case of indirect democracy. like in India, the Government vote based system . Democracy depicted as the administration, “of the general population, for the people and by people. A population acknowledges as the ideal administration. It is a social request for the best of the best number.
In a popular government, for any person, who has been proffered the status of a ‘grown-up’ by the State can vote in favor of his agent. This framework was first designed by the city-states in Greece. In any case, the votes of ladies, a considerable extent of the populace was not considered. Today, majority rule of government remains for uniformity. And the votes of each person who has completed the age of eighteen grown-up establishments can vote.
There are two types of government in Switzerland direct and Indirect. It is coordinate majority rules system follows In Switzerland. where the leader of the State-specific chose by the general population. It is the event of the roundabout is the popular government like in India. But some thinkers ironical say.

1- Democracy is a government of majority and the majority always consists of foolsDemocracy is a government of fifty-one donkeys over forty-nine horses

But above words are not wholly correct. Still, democracy is the best form of government in the civilized world of today.