The Charm Early Morning Scene Essay in 400 word

File Name – Essay
Essay Name  -The charms of Early Morning Scene 
Word – 400
Author Name – Om Sikarwar

 Early Morning Scene Essay

Hints ‘ 1 Introduction, 2. Light of the dawn, 3. Music of the_birds, 4. The glorious scene, 5 Worship at temples and mosques, 6. Activity everywhere, 7. Conclusion. 

1 Introduction- The charms of early morning scene. If the night is the death of the universe, morning is its rebirth, if the night is the sleep of the universe morning is the waking up of the universe. If it ’were always day or night nature and life would lose their charm. 

2 Light of the dawn-When we wake up in the morning, the soft and tender light of the break of dawn greets our eyes and we‘feel that dawn has broken, not only outside our life but also in our soul The morning temperature is welcome to the earth, to the vegetable kingdom and to all living creatures.

3. Music of the birds-With the break of dawn, birds life also awakes and the air begins to sing an echo with the music of birds The birds are seen flying about, chirping and twittering. The gentle breeze 0f the morning caressing 0u1 bodies, has a refreshing effect

4 The glorious scene-The trees, the fields, the streams all seem to be newly created out of the darkness. The sky and the land all seem to wear a tinge of red. The sun is seen peeping, half-hidden behind the clump of trees or a mound on the outskirts of the village. The rising sun is a delight to see.


The dew on the grass gives the impression of liquid pearls having been scattered with the lavish hands of bounteous nature. The earth seems to breathe new. We drink in the early morning air and our lungs are refreshed.

5. Worship at temples and mosques-We feel the dawn in our soul too. We are drawn upwards to become one with God. The temples and the mosques are resounding with Ram, Kn’shna and ‘Allah is great’. Prayers are offered. Some are seen meditating upon God

6. Activity everywhere-Everyone is stirred to activity Farmers in the villages leave with their plough and bullocks for their fields. The village maidens gather on the village well with their earthen pots Morning walkers go for their morning walks. Bathers go to the river for bath. Housewives are
seen, cleaning their houses. Students get devoted to their stud1es. 

7. Conclusion-Thus, every morning brings new energy. It is soothing and refreshing in uplifting and elevating.