Education system in India essay writing

Essay on the education system in India
Write an essay on the education system in India. India is the second most populations’ country in the world. India divides into many factors such as cast, culture and languages. Each state has own education board. Different types of languages main huddle of education in India If we apply one nation one education system in India

Importance of Education
Education is very important to build the base of an individual’s character. It teaches us life skills and helps us become thinkers. Education in India is often not given as much importance by the parents in the lower socio-economic classes. Many children do menial jobs at a meagre pay and don’t go to school. This is also why the literacy rate in many states in India is low. Education needs to be stressed on. Another problem in India is that girl education is considered the second priority to boy an education. This is also a gender battle that needs to be fought. 
The government of India has introduced many schemes for this. The mid-day meal is a scheme where children receive a wholesome meal around noon. Thus, as an incentive, many parents send their children to school because I will feed them.
. The education of the girl child till the twelfth standard is also free under State board. The government has also launched many schemes and scholarships to encourage high scorers coming from families of limited means to continue with higher education. There is also a 20% reservation in private schools for those belonging to lower economic classes. It also promotes students to the eighth standard to lower the dropout rate. Despite this many children still, are deprived of the opportunity to gain an education because they have to work
“It factory floors, as domestic help or do other mid jobs. live though there are strict laws mam: child labour the practice continues.
 There is a need to make the rural aware of the importance of education. An educated person becomes a thinker, independent’ aware and insightful because of education.

There are many government schemes. which is playing the all-important role in bringing about social awareness? 

However, one also needs to look at the quality of education in India. Under the state boards, the quality needs to be improved by introducing more infrastructure and better teaching aid. .

However, since independence, India has made tremendous progress.
. The situation of education in India is improving and with the help of the people and political will state education and enrollment of children and will improve of  education in India in the coming years