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Election of India Essay 300 Words for Students

What is the Election Process and Type of System in India information?

Election Process and Type of System in India information – India is a democratic country. The government of this country is by the people and for the people. Here usually elections are held every 5 years and a government is formed on the basis of majority. Elections to be held in various states are called assembly elections and elections for the formation of the central government are called Lok Sabha elections. In the assembly elections, mainly regional parties are seen contesting elections. Representatives selected by the people joining the Legislative Assembly are called MLAs (MLA) and elected representatives of Lok Sabha are called MPs (MPs).

Essay on Election of India

Introduction-Election of India is the backbone of democracy. A democratic government is of the people, for the people and by the people. People choose persons among themselves who will govern them. They rule according to the wishes of the people and for the welfare of the people. 

Elections-People choose their representatives through elections. In democratic countries, elections are contested on the basis of political parties These parties present their policies and programmes to the public. Elections are held and people cast their votes in favour of this or that party. Any citizen aged 1 8 and above can exercise his vote. The party that gets the majority forms the government.  

The Declaration-“The Election Commission declared general elections The dates of elections were fixed. The candidates started canvassing. They started contacting the electors by going door to door. As the election commission imposed a strict limit to election expenses and certain rule of conduct there was an absence of loudspeakers, big public meetings, posters, cutouts and pamphlets. The restriction has also been imposed on a painting of walls of the house With various slogans etc. 

Campaigning Stopped-As per rule canvassing stopped before 48 hours of the election time. The candidates started contacting the pe0ple from door to door. The public assured their candidates about their support. 

Election Scene-The day of the election arrived, voting was to start at 7 am. . and close at 5 pm. Election personnel were posted at election booths. At about 6.30 am. people started going towards their election booths. Men and women both were eager to exercise their voting right. Especially young persons aged 18 were more enthusiastic as they were casting their votes for the first time. The old and the handicapped people were being helped in their journey to polling booths. There were long queues in front of polling booths. Polling started at 7 am. There was a big crowd on the streets. Police personnel were there to maintain law and order. Some party workers arranged carriages for the voters, though it was not allowed under the election code. 

Law and Order-The authorities had made enough arrangements for peaceful polls, yet there were some disturbances by the workers of opposition parties. Some of them were trying to threaten voters for casting their votes in their favour. Some tried to capture polling booths. A group of people became violent and started throwing stones against the other group. The police dealt firmly with these disturbing elements, arrested some of them, beat some of them and asked other people to disperse. Thus, peace prevailed. At noon, the rush became less. Then again from 3 O’clock voting increased. At 5 pm. the

What are Elections Slogans? How do use these Slogans in Elections of India?
Successful slogans given by different political parties in various elections. Elections in India, the world’s largest democracy, are no less than a grand celebration. The role of slogans is very important in promoting electoral fervour and enthusiasm. So important that even without slogans the imagination of Indian politics and elections is meaningless. Slogans not only enthuse supporters but also play an important role in setting the issues in elections. Let’s look at some of the country’s famous election slogans and their impact.

Some  Slogans Elections of India

  • Sab ka Sath Sab ka Viswash
  •  Bachcha Bachcha Ram ka, Janmabhoomi Ke Kaam ka.
  • Abki Bar Modi Sarkar.
  • Bari Bari Sab Ki Bari, Ab Ki Bari Atal Bihari.
  • Sonia Nahi Yeh Aandhi Hai, Doosri Indira Gandhi Hai.
  •  Jab Tak Sooraj Chand Rahega, Indira Tera Naam Rahega
  • Jay Jawan Jay Kishan OR Jay Vigyan




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