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Introduction-energy crisis today: energy crisis global issue.Today, in every country of the world there are big things about energy conservation at the paper level, but this country often appears at the forefront of energy waste.   Growing population and low supply are rising this problem. word “crisis refers to a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention. In other words, a situation that introduces the specific difference between supply and demand of a product is referred to as a crisis. Similarly, a situation dealing with the definite difference between the power supply and power demand is termed as an energy crisis. Energy crisis is global issue It must solve early

Types of energy crisis or Energy sources: There are classified into two major categories of Energy sources first conventional energy sources and second renewable energy sources. First energy sources Conventional energy sources are mainly dependent on fossil fuels namely coals, oil and natural gas. Water is also a conventional energy source. Renewable energy sources include hydropower (water energy) wind energy, solar power and tidal energy. These sources are inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free ”and environment-friendly. and may be used as an alternative to conventional energy sources. 

Cause of Energy Crisis– Industrially advanced world of today, the demand for energy is increasing day by day. Energy is required to run our factories and machines, run all means of transport too. Coal and oil have been the major sources of energy. But with the passage of time, they are bound to be used up. It is estimated that in another 25 to 30 years, the coal mines would stop giving coal and same will be in the case of oil. Overpopulation: Another cause of the crisis has been the determinate increase in the world’s population and its demands for fuel and products speed slow. 

Impact of Energy Crisis: The crisis of conventional energy sources is standing in the way of socio-economic growth in the developing and underdeveloped countries. At present rate of consumption, the sources of all the conventional energy are depleting at a faster rate. 

A solution of Energy Crisis: Scientists and technologists have taken steps to face the crisis In the rural areas people are advised to use more ‘ firewood, agricultural wastes and cow dung. Biogas plants are being set up therefore cooking and lightning purpose Hydroelectric power stations produce only 12% of the total power in India should be encouraged further. Scientists are making attempts to preserve atomic and solar energy. an endless source of energy.India has also built some nuclear power stations . for power generation ‘ 

Conclusions, the challenge of the energy crisis casts the shadow on every section of mankind. But this problem can be solved if the whole mankind Including scientists faces it strongly.

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