Environment Pollution Essay

Environment Pollution Essay for 10th Class

Environment Pollution Essay- Environment contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth/atmosphere system to such an extent that normal environmental processes are adversely affected. There are many types of environmental pollution

The Environmental, Balance- On this earth plants and animals live with a complex relationship that exists between them and their environment. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for plants as well as animals, including man. But only plants can manufacture them from atmospheric carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight. In the process they release oxygen. Animals depend on plants or other animals for their supply of carbohydrates.

Animals use atmospheric oxygen to burn carbohydrates to produce the energy needed for their activities. And in the process, they release carbon dioxide. Thus a subtle balance is maintained between oxygen and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. If it is disturbed, it can spell disaster.

Who Disturbs the Environmental Balance ?-Now, who has the ability to disturb this balance to pollute the environment? Not the plants. And not the animals barring human beings. Only man has the ability to manipulate things. And only he has the ability to pollute the environment.

Well if it is done in limits, there is not much harm. But as we know, comfort and greed have been the two main traits of man. And science has been assisting him in both.

How is Environment Polluted ?-The faster and more comfortable means of transport-steam, diesel and electric locomotives; petrol or diesel tun cars, buses or trucks–all pollute the air. Remember, electricity is mostly produced by thermal power plants.

Chemical fertilizers pollute the earth and as a result all our agricultural produce. Excessive use of pumps drawing underground water for irrigation has resulted in lowering the water-table considerably. As governments Subsidize chemical fertilizers and provide free power to pumps, they are being used indiscriminately in the hope of increasing production.

Industrial development, particularly of the chemical industry, pollutes not Only air but also water in the rivers making their water undrinkable. As a ‘result, there is a crisis of potable water.

Moreover, the current craze for refrigeration and air-conditioning in producing excessive CFC, the gas that is destroying the ozone layer exposing Us to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.


What is environment pollution and its types

Environmental pollution means- “pollution means such unwanted changes in the physical, chemical or biological properties of air, water or land (ie environment) that are harmful to humans and other organisms, their living conditions, industrial processes and cultural heritage.

A Short essay on environment pollution in 10 lines for Kids

1. Environment means all-natural environments such as land, air, water, plants, animals. Physical waste, sunlight, forest, greenery, fields, barns and all other natural things are called natural environments.

2. Due to the natural resources around us, our life is complete or we can say that our life is impossible without natural resources.

3. Healthy nature is the most important part of human life. A healthy environment greatly contributes to keeping the environment balanced.

4. All biological and abiotic things on the earth such as trees, bushes, orchards, river, lake, wind, sun rays etc. are included.

5. Healthy environment maintains the balance of nature and at the same time helps to develop, nurture and develop all living things on earth.

6. But as of today, as a result of the progress of the industrial sector, man-made pollution is distorting in many ways which is disturbing the natural balance.

7. If any person spoils the discipline of nature, it destroys the whole atmosphere like atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.

8. Man-made environment affects this environment to a great extent which we all have to avoid planting trees and provoking people to plant trees.

9. The natural environment is used as a component resource, although it is exploited by humans to fulfill some basic physical requirements and purpose of life.

10. Strict regulations should be implemented to prevent air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc. in the environment and all the general public should stop dumping garbage here and there.


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