Rainy day- Free Rainy day essay 250 words

Rainy day- Free Rainy day essay 250 words for students of class 8,9,10,11,12th and kids. We are providing an essay on Rainy days for Children and Students in very easy and simple words. It is important for kids and students. This essay points about Rainy Season in English for your Kids and school students. It is a very easy language with headings

Rainy day- Free Rainy day essay 250 words
1. Introduction-Never had I seen such a sultry summer as this year. The temperature went up to 105 degrees. Our world became a blazing furnace dried up Animals became half-dead, and it almost boiled us on like potatoes; In the heart of hearts, we prayed for rains. The God had listened to us prayer
2. Clouds appear for the first time– On the Saturday morning darkness, dense Clouds came thundering in the sky. Cool breeze lightning flashed in the sky. Peacocks screamed and dance in gardens everybody welcomed this happy change with smiling faces. They delighted me for. I expect a holiday at school, and it happened At 9A. I started at school.
 3. A gentle shower comes down-I had gone 20 yards when a lovely shower fell on the way. Plants got a new life Animals bound here and their Cool raindrops gave a thrilling sensation to us. Nursed by the first rains our earth grew happy like a baby in its mother’s laps ‘
4. A heavy downpour-My school was still some distance away. it rained in torrents. I did not understand what to do because I had no umbrella. The cool refreshing bath delighted me still more. I could not walk as water. Some boys made paper boats and put them in the running currents. what a splendid fun it was I.
5. ‘Holiday and Picnic-As I had expected the school was closed. So some of my friends enjoyed a tango party. We proceeded toward the orchard, enjoying overflowing ponds and tanks coloured rainbow in the sky. Soon we were in the garden. Mangoes were lying in large numbers. Who could miss such a time? We enjoyed the delicious taste of this divine fruit among jokes and pleasing talks. We had a wonderful time.
 6. Conclusion. A rainy day is satisfying to all except those separated from their sweetheart. For them, the rainbow loses its charm. Cool winds bite. Raindrops prick like arrows, but it is beautiful to the peasants. For me, it was sweeter still

The second essay on a Rainy Season
1. Day and Month– This was the second week of July 
 The temperature was high. The wind changed. Dark clouds covered the sky. The rain started very highly.
2. Heavy rain- It was the time to go to school. I picked up my books and an umbrella. I started with my School. on the way it began to rain; I got wet. However, my books and notebooks were not wet due to, plastic covers on them.
3. In school – I reached the school in time. The attendance was very less in school. Many teachers. could not come in time. The students were also wet. The first period began. Our English teacher came. He said, “It is raining cats and dogs. We shall read the poem ‘Rain in Summer’. He read the poem in a sweet voice “How beautiful is the rain. How it clatters along the roofs, Like the tramp of the hoofs … In the meantime, a peon came with a notice from the Principal. He said, “The school is closed on account of heavy rain at the demand of the students. The students became happy and danced with Joy.
4. Cool and pleasant weather-l-I started for my home. On my way back I saw wonderful sights. There was water on the roads. I remembered “Like a river down the gutter roars. The rain, the welcome rain.” Little children were floating paper boats. I had washed all the trees and plants and lush green. The weather had become cool and pleasant. I often remember that day, and When I do so it fills my heart with pleasure.