Essay on Raja Ram mohan Roy in 400 words

Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 400 words

Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 400 wordsRaja Rammohun Roy was a great social reformer. He was born in l774 in an old-fashioned Brahmin family of Bengal. He was educated at Patna. He learnt Bengali, Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic and Hindi. He also mastered English. At an early age, he made a thorough study of the Vedas, Upanishads, Quran and Bible and found that they all taught some truth. 

Raja Rammohun Roy spread the idea of one God. He published the Vedas and the Upanishads in the Bengali language and told the people that these holy books preached only one God. He told the people that the idols of God are not sacred, and asked them not to worship idols. His father did not like his ideas. So Raja Rammohun Roy had to leave his home. 

Raja Rammohun Roy did not like many Hindu customs. He hated the cruel custom of Sati. When his brother died, his young wife was forcibly burnt alive along with her husband’s body. This dreadful incident changed his life. He made up his mind to fight against this evil custom. It is due to his efforts that the government banned the cruel practice of Sati. He also wrote many articles against child marriage. He wanted to raise the status of 

women in India. He supported the remarriage of widows. He also advised the people to educate their daughters. To make his ideas popular he founded a new sect, called Brahma Samaj. People from any caste or religion could join it. Brahmo Samaj taught that there is only one God. God should be worshipped from the heart without an idol. Rojo Rammohun Roy travelled far and wide to preach his ideas. Many people joined Brahmo Samaj but many also opposed it. However, Raja Rammohun Roy did not give up his struggle against evil practices and customs. _ 

Raja Rammohun Roy advised the Indians to learn English. He believed that India could progress only through the knowledge of western science and technology. He founded and helped a number of educational institutions. He also founded the Hindu College in Calcutta (Kolkata) which is now the famous Presidency College. 

Not only did Raja Rammohun Roy tight against the evil customs, but he also raised his voice against the British Government for not granting certain rights to the Indians. All important jobs and positions were held by Englishmen. He demanded better jobs for Indians. 

Raja Rammohun Roy was sent to England by the Mughal Emperor of Delhi to get his pension granted by the British Government. He stayed there for three years. When he was returning home, he suddenly fell ill and died. 

Raja Rammohun Roy served the people of India by asking them to change some of their bad customs and beliefs. He was a noble and Progressive person. He is rightly called the Father of India’s Awakening. Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 400 words