Importance of agriculture

Essay on the Importance of agriculture in India

 Importance of Agriculture in India -Agriculture an important part of the economy. Importance of Agriculture in our life because it gives us food and raw materials. Agriculture Produce a lot of jobs so be can say that Importance of Agriculture in our lives. There has been a consistent demand for reforming agriculture sector in India which happens to the mother of the economy in this country, It has been felt that any strategy to achieve rapid growth and make significantsignificant inroads on poverty must tackle the lower productivity that continues to plague India’s farm sector. We all know that about 80 percent of India’s

 Importance of Agriculture poor reside in rural areas- poor reside in rural areas and they have mainly engaged in farm activities. Agriculture employs about 70 percent of India’s labor force and is a major contributor to its GDP. Thus, the most direct means of combating poverty is to boost employment, productivity and wages in agriculture.

Agricultural is foundation development- Agricultural development provides a strong foundation for the rest of the economy. It is no coincidence that the most successful countries of East Asia have achieved rapid rates of farm productivity growth, generating sharp increases in agricultural output in a context of stable food prices and rising rural wages.

 Importance of Agriculture in economies- A basic reason for the successful agricultural development of the East Asian economies is that they did not promote the industry at the cost of agriculture. They have generally avoided taxes, food price controls and pro-industry allocations of credit that have been developing in other developing economies. They are also refrained from taxing agriculture productivity through industrial protection and exchange rate overvaluation. Agricultural productivity was also enhanced by public sector investment in rural infrastructure, by programmes to disseminate new technologies, inputs, and knowhow to farmers, and by effective land reform.

 Importance of Agriculture in Indian economies- India has also devoted considerable resources to agriculture and rural development over the past three decades. The spread of irrigation, fertilizers and high-yielding seed varieties: ‘cross the country has boosted food production.

However, despite the success of the adoption of Green Revolution technologies, the rural infrastructure remains inaccessible. Most of the increase in food production has come from the intensification of cropped areas in some regions of the country, supported by extremely expensive subsidies (for power, irrigation, and fertilizers) which are no longer sustainable. Low productivity has constrained farm wages, contributing to sustainable poverty in rural areas.

Various steps are needed to remove the hurdles. The system of price incentives facing the farmer needs to be brought into market realities while providing adequate infrastructural support. In recent years, progress has been made towards raising procurement prices on international levels, but they need to be more systematic. In addition, the enormous distortions are implied by heavily subsidized fertilizers and electricity for farmers. While there are no doubt the political difficulties of dealing with this issue, it will be far more productive to phase out the subsidies and redeployment of budgetary resources toward increased investment in rural infrastructure, especially the transportation and storage facilities. Therefore we can not Ignore the Importance of Agriculture in the whole world.