Essay or pragraph on road accident 250 words

Essay or paragraph on road accident 250 words

Essay or pragraph on road accident 250 words
The scene of an accident

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Essay or paragraph on a road accident -A long and short essay or paragraph about 200, 300, 400, and 500 words on the scene of a road accident. Article Accidents are a common sight in big cities. Most of the accidents occur. Here, we are writing about a Road

Accident in the following points and want to know the reason for the accident because of the Road Accidents are increasing day by day. In Present time road accident are regular happenings in all over the world

Nowadays there is so much heavy traffic on the roads. 

Introduction –The scene of Accident is common things. We can see the Accident of buses, cars, scooters, and motorcycles are very common in big cities. We read and listen to them in newspapers or television almost every day. They are more common in big cities than in small towns. I had a chance to see an accident with my own eyes.

 Nature and causes of an accident – One day my two friends and I were going to Agra by bus. When the bus reached near Farash a tonga was seen coming from the opposite direction. The bus driver.

blew the horn. Hearing the sound of the horn, Hearing the sound of the horn, the horse of the tongs began to run about in terror. The tonga driver lost all control over the horse. In no time Tonga collided against our bus.  

Condition of the passengers- The tonga driver and two passengers of the front seat died on the spot. The passengers of the back seat were thrown away and got serious injuries. They were crying aloud with pain. The tonga was crushed to wood.

 Help –The people from nearby farms ran to the spot. Two constables also arrived on time. The wounded persons were sent to the hospital in a car.

 Conclusion –My friends and I reached Agra two hours late. The scene of that terrible accident is still fresh in my mind. So we should always obey the rules of the road. Otherwise, an accident can happen easily With anyone.

Que. You are Ramesh residing at 43 Sanjay colony Morena Madhya Pradesh. You have witnessed a Road Accident Write a paragraph or report for a newspaper in 120 words  

(1) Where, when and how did the accident happen?
(2) People, the vehicle involved, loss of life and property.
(3) The scene of the accident, details of casualties deaths, injured hospitalized.
. Conclude with the negligence of the commuters, suggestions to the government and people.

                        A Road Accident

Ans. In Present time road accidents are regular happenings all over the world. An Accident. Gwalior, Jun., l5. In the evening a car was running at a normal speed at Shivpuri Link Road. All of a sudden a truck with a high speed came in front of the Car. The truck driver failed to stop the truck. The result was that it hit the Car very badly. About five people sitting in the car. They were badly in injured.

But fortunately, the jeep driver didn’t receive a serious injury, he took all the injured people to the hospital very soon. Several measures should be taken by the government to prevent such accidents. Roads should be broadened and the one-way-traffic system should be made. People and government should make joint efforts to solve such problems.

Above, we are giving an Essay or a paragraph on road accident. We suggest that you study it and take advantage


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