Essay writing Language Problem in India 350 Words

  • India is divided into many states and territory. So there is a big Language Problem In India
. But It is important because language is basic. There are two official languages of India, namely, Hindi in Devanagari script and English in Roman script. According to the many surveys of India,  780 languages and 86 scriptures out of which 250 languages extinguished and some other languages are in endangered. It reflects the culture. There are various state/territory level official languages

Essay writing Language Problem In India 350 word

Even England which is so much smaller than India and Which has only one language, English, has many dialects. The speech of the English people changes from country to country and from region to region. India is a multi-lingual country. It has fourteen major languages with kinds of the literature of their own and it has a very large number of dialects. 
If all the members of the Indian parliament spoke in their mother tongues our Parliament will reverberate like the tower of Babel where nobody understood anybody’s speech. Similarly, if Indians in all-India services do their work in their own scripts and in their own languages administration will be paralysed. This is why our constitution provides that English will continue to be an associate language of the Indian Union. 
The sensible course seems to be that in every State, the mother-tongue of the people should be used for all purposes which exclusively concern the people of the State. But what about education? The three-language formula has been adopted. Let every student learn his mother-tongue and also two other languages one of which should preferably be English if the academic unity of India is to be kept in view. 
As long as Hindi is not willingly accepted by the non-Hindi speaking people of India who form at least fifty per cent of the Indian population there seems to be no other solution, no other way out. At the all India administrative level, at the higher academic level and for inter-state purposes, English will continue to remain indispensable for many more years as a link language. 
This does not mean that English should be forced on all. We are over one billion. If only about one crore families learn English and the rest do not learn English, India will not suffer in any way. Indian unity depends on English in some important and vital matters but not in all matters. Our common love for India, our history, our common culture and our common living traditions also preserve and will continue to preserve the unity of India. 
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