Fema flood and Causes of disaster and Operation flood

Fema flood and Causes of disaster and Operation flood.

The problem of flooding in India is a major problem during rainy days. Every year, some states of India face heavy FEMA flood. Due to this flood, the country and people lose a lot of money. Such as Kerala flood, flood in Chennai, flood in Uttarakhand, floods in India. Here we learn to write Essay of Here we will learn to write Essay of Fema flood and Causes of disaster and how to Operation flood was drived by Government


Fema flood and Causes of disaster and Operation flood.l. Introduction  2.Heavy loss by the fema flood   Heavy rains  3. Scene ol the flood  4. The relief work, 5. Loss Laused   6. Conclusion.


1. Introduction-l live near the Chamble river in a small village. Four hundred families live in my villge. Every year during the rainy season our village is surrounded by river water. We have built our houses on the rocky ground and small hills. It is much above the level of the surrounding earth

2. Heavy rains-This year heavy rains caused of flood disaster. We had to vacate our Village. We saw big sheet of water all round. I saw with great horror many houses surrounded by the water of flood. Ultimately, we had to vacate our houses and went to the camp which build by government for people. where we were safe. The camp was situated at about fourteen kilometres away from our village in the interior.


3. Scene of the fema flood – I saw that many other villages were submerged in to the water The people were carrying their luggagL in boats. The Government had called the police . The police helped those whose houses were standing in the water of the flood


4.Fema flood The relief Operation of flood-The Government officers had made arrangement for a big camp This was arranged for those who had lost their homes by flood. Food was freely supplied to them. To save people from the possible attack of diseases. all the precautions were taken. The people in the camp were given medical aid and arrange the needful things .

I remember that for two days till now. we also had to stay there. The condition of the people was very bad. They had to stand like beggars in queues for food and the needful things. The poorest people were given food first and then people like us had food in tin last


5. Loss caused by the fema flood-The tloods in the river Jamuna caused great loss to the people of affected areas. It spoiled the crops completely. Our village specially sufferreed a great loss. Nearly all the mud houses were washed away by the swift current of water. Hundreds of cattle were drowned in the flood. When the water receded. the Government gave financial aid to the farmers and nedy people.


The poor people got money to rebuild their mud houses and to purchase some necessry things such as cloth sugar and food. We also got some loan from the Government for buying seeds and chemical fertilizers and other things. Three hundred rupees were given by way of financial aid to People. Now new attempts are being made to check thefloods. Government has started to construct embankment along the riter banks


6. Concluston-When we returned we found that many small houses had been completely washed away by the flood. People had built houses onLe again with the aid oi the Government. But we had only to repair the walls of our houses.Fema flood and Causes of disaster and Operation flood