Floods and famines in India| A big crisis for human

floods and famines in India

A big crisis for human-Floods and famines in India: Famines occur when there is a scarcity of food-supplies in a district or country. They are due to a variety of causes. It usually causes them in India by drought or deficient rainfall, or by heavy rains and consequent floods.

Among other causes may be mentioned the ravages of insects and vermin, and the laying waste of a country in time of war. They have ascribed the decrease of the rainfall in certain districts of India to the same cause. On the other hand, Floods due to excessive rainfall. Even floods have known to claim lives and also lead to soil erosion, destroy cultivations and spew diseases.

The people think that floods and famines punishment of God for their sins.: famines were universally regarded as instruments whereby God punished mankind for their sins, and in India, there are still many who attribute these disasters to the anger of the Almighty. Someone may say whatever in favor of this view, us must admit it to be unfortunate in one respect.

In former times the people of India would often remain passive under such visitations. Many died of starvation who might have been saved, and many more fell victims to the horrible diseases which so often follow in the train of famines. In India, the wonderful system of irrigation canals in Punjab (the most extensive and remarkable in the world) and in other parts of the country, have done much to make these lands safe from famine, and have alder cultivation.

Loss of floods and famines: Floods to were min-lily thought to be a manifestation of the Wrath of nature. But floods and famines follow the same trajectory and are interlinked Floods lead to an economic downslide hugely.


The farms are often destroyed, cultivating are ruined. Small enterprises also suffer huge losses because of the damage was done by floods’ Due to the erosion of soil, loss of human lives and that of livestock and animals the economy suffers and the human resource of the country takes time to bounce back. This leads to a scarcity in the supply of food. Because of this, they often sell the little reserve that is available at

a premium and due to the economic standstill many cannot afford it. Many epidemics also break out due to the toxins carried by the flood water. This further adds to the tense atmosphere. Thus, floods and famines are linked and have disastrous effects on the region it hits.
Many times it seeks international aid to help such regions. In India, farmer suicides have almost become a common feature,, today due to the huge losses suffered at the hands of floods.
The meteorological department today is using the advancement of science to ensure that an approximate estimation of such happenings can be made to prevent this.