Format of the formal letter in English

The format of the formal letter in English-Two types of letter format first formal like business letter format, official complaint, letter for visitor visa  etc and Second types informal letters, It is divided many kinds of informal invitation, wedding invitation wording, grievance letter
Qn. You are Namita Sharma residing at B-19 M.G Road Dhar.  Write a formal letter to your friend inviting him to your birthday party.formal letter writing

B-19 M.G Road Dhar
Date 7 March 2017

Dear Kapil Sharma

I am happy here and hope the same for you. I want to inform you that I am arranging my birthday party on 10 March at my residence at 7 P.m. You are hereby invited to this party. Many of our friends are also invited.So please come on time so that we may enjoy your company waiting anxiously.
Yours truly

Namita Sharma

With Letter format, writing an informal invitation letter to your friend Kapil invite him to stay with you for some days in the summer vacation.

Sona Sharma
B-19 M.G. Road Dhar
Dear Kapil
I am happy here and hope the same for you. I am sure that you have done your exams well. My exams are also over.I invite you to come to Dhar and spend the vacations here. It is a small place. and you will like the life here.
Hope that you will come. Please do reply.
Your’s Sincerely
Namita Sharma

Q.N =With Letter format, You are Mayank residing at 198 Vigyan Nagar  Indore. Write an official complaint letter to the Collector of your Dist. About the lake of facilities and malfunctioning of Govt. Hospital in Your Area.

 The Collector,
Collectorate Office                                                              
 Subject: A letter of  Lack of facilities and malfunctioning of Govt. Hospital.
Most Respectfully I have to state that I am a resident of 198, Vigyan Nagar Indore. The Govt. Hospital in our area is not having basic diagnosis facilities.The hospital does not have the facility of Ultra –Sound. If there are available Some facilities, they are not being provided properly & timely. There is no off.Medicine distribution. There is water cooler Rose available in the hospital without Water. Doctors have no timetable at all.Medical staff does not co-operate Properly.I request you to take a strict action and arrange an ultra-Sound machine for  The patient relief.Please have a surprise visit and see yourself the mismanagement of the Hospital.Please do the needful for the betterment of the patients.
Thanking you Sir,
Yours faithfully,
 198, Vigyan Nagar, Indore


 With Letter format, You are Mayank residing at 198 Vigyan Nagar  Indore. Write an official complaint letter to the Postmaster of your Dist.Dewas (M P.)

Ans:  The Postmaster,
Head Post Office ‘ Dewas (M P.).
Dear Sir,
I wish to bring to your kind notice that my letters are not being delivered to me properly. I have put up a letter b0x at the gate of my house. Still, I find my letters thrown 1n the porch. Mr Ram Lal is the postman of our locality. I have requested him time and again to put my letter into the letter-box. All my requests have fallen on deaf ears. I would, therefore request you to look into the matter personally. Please take proper action against the postman. I shall feel highly obliged to you.
With Thanks
Yours faithfully